outdoor marijuana 2011 grow

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outdoor marijuana 2011 growmy outdoor grow, PK and Og and Grape Kapuna and SSH and Chem Valley Og and some Martion Og’s.

9 comments on “outdoor marijuana 2011 grow

  1. SuperDoctorgreen on

    i hope the coco does well, many people on youtube told me to at least give it a try, so i am doing that to see if its better than soil…. and I’ve got to say man i really like the COCO alot…………… roots just take off in it….

  2. chalk3y on

    @SuperDoctorgreen have been using it myself for the lastt year and a bit , always had good results. use the gold mix . thinking off going organic next . have a few friends changed to it. so going to give it a bash.should be okay. well i hope .lol. peace dude

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