Dorner Search – Officers Gone Wild (TJDS)

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March 25, 2013
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March 25, 2013

Dorner Search - Officers Gone Wild (TJDS)During the hunt for ex-LAPD Officer Chris Dorner, police officers made a few questionable move. One would be shoting at innocent women and destroying a truck…


  1. Faladrin says:

    An update to this, it turns out the dirty bomb was made of yellow cake.

  2. saprissa9 says:

    The school of my dreams is in LA. I am Hispanic and the LAPD makes me think twice about going there. Any recommendations from Hispanic or Black natives from LA?

  3. georgemiser says:

    If we find and murder these fuckers, the best thing that’ll come out of it is these killer worshoping assholes will have NOTHING! No revolution, no heroes, no crutches and best of all, NO hope! i doin’t give a fuck if you hate cops or not. if you support what dorner did, then you and your familes need to suffer and be terrorised for the rest of your lives!

  4. TheLollerwaffle says:

    Nobody thinks Dorner is a hero. HOWEVER…just because Dorner was a bad human being who chose to make his points by killing others does not mean that the numerous instances of corruption in the LAPD vanish. It doesn’t mean that he was not legitimately mistreated on the job before the murdering ever happened. I’d hate for society to ignore police corruption just because that Dorner asshole was a terrible messenger to bring us the information.

  5. georgemiser says:

    all the dorners and so called ”heros” should die the same way dorner did. Hopefully slowely. kill the hopes of these irrational fucking anarchists and nutjobs before they even buy the gun. this is a man who threatened families and children. threatened too kill them at school and work because they were simply the familes of cops. dorner was never a hero. anyone who disagrees needs to have THEIR families terrorised to see how it feels.

  6. dangerouslytalented says:

    This was horrible and not funny. And truther jokes? Really? Jimmy a truther? Jimmy is a horrible comedian, he should stick to playing it straight. Fucking horrible.

  7. mueygringo says:

    Upamanass you have done it, and FAILED AGAIN.

    YOU haven’t missed yet.

  8. undercoverposter says:

    I don’t think you know what the term “canned laughter” means.

  9. Tunnelfish2 says:

    Cops are subject to a human thing like mass hysteria just like the rest of us.

  10. Tyler Barbon says:

    Paying cops better might actually prevent police corruption and abuse. It (sort of) works in Canada :S

  11. BenjaminSteber says:

    It’s not like they asked a reliable source. They asked Mark Fuhrer-man.

  12. bf1tz says:

    body is far from ashes at those temperatures… even if they let the fire burn out there would have likely still been charred pieces of flesh on his bones.

  13. upabittoolate says:

    Hannity is a clown.

  14. brandnutopian says:

    The American mythology surrounding authority figures with guns wildly shooting people continues. Eat it up, you lap dogs.

  15. scratchfg212 says:

    Cops should definitely be paid more, but they als should be better trained and better prepared. Its the same with school teachers, if you want the best possible person for the job, you have to give a high salary. Its simple economics, but I guess austrian economics doesn’t teach reality….

  16. FaceWhatsAhead says:

    I still can’t believe that they had the OJ cop on. It’s just astounding how much they cherish being bad.

  17. upabittoolate says:

    You seem to be losing your touch. I guess you’re 1 step closer to suicide. I’d be happy to assist you.

  18. Eric Beddingfield says:

    This may be a dumb question but why is the TJDS always split up into shorter clips? I would love to see a longer uncut version. I enjoy the show regardless keep up the good work.

  19. stillbreathing37 says:

    There’s audio footage of the cops yelling burn it down,like multiple times.So yeah, that was pretty much the conversation.

  20. King Raizen says:

    I know right? most of the time people just rage when I correct them, I don’t see why…

  21. Faladrin says:

    Jimmy said they were finding everything, well he missed one of the things they found.

    On his ass was tattooed “Iraq”, and inside was a weapon of mass destruction. Turns out it was a dirty bomb.

  22. bob321493 says:

    Have Michael on more!

  23. niteme says:

    People can’t handle criticism. Trust me I know, but oddly people have zero problems criticizing me! Imagine that!

  24. soundslave says:

    People say the GTA games influence peoples’ behaviour. I think it’s the other way around, the LAPD influence GTA.

  25. Malik Rath says:

    Holy fuck Jimmy is the biggest offender of the rule of three…. (in comedy, not the Grim Reaper sense).

  26. MyMonsterIsGay says:

    A wild lunatic appeared! Unable to flee…

  27. Ricky D says:

    Quincy ref. I got it, we are old.

  28. upabittoolate says:

    Do you believe Chris Dorner is dead?

  29. dangerouslytalented says:

    If the skull was still intact, then all they would have to do was look at it, and see the big bullet hole in the skull.

  30. rollofnickles says:


  31. dangerouslytalented says:

    That is what happened during the Ned Kelly seige, three of the gang shot each other to avoid capture and being burnt alive.

  32. crumpetbutterdrips says:

    Jimmy, I really enjoy the show but please STOP with the canned laughter. It adds nothing to the show but takes away everything.

  33. SuckedIntoTheVacuum says:

    The police burned down the cabin?

  34. fangorn23 says:

    Never trust the police. They’re just legalized gangs these days.

  35. JI L says:

    Dorner isn’t a hero but anyone who dies from police incompetence and brutality is just collateral damage? Dorner isn’t right but then again, he came from the LAPD. Doesn’t take a genius to see that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

  36. upabittoolate says:

    Fail. It’s probably a cameraman. 

  37. kazooga1234 says:

    jim it sounds like you just like to be angry a lot you go to sleep angry you eat diner angry

    i love you jimmy adoreable you are such an awesome panda bear

    thx for the ha bisky vid i love these

  38. undercoverposter says:

    whats the rule of three?

  39. niteme says:

    Hey, Jimmy! Here’s one for you to use… I’m full of good idea’s, for everyone, which is how I’m gonna win. Anywho…

    Good thing those heroic officers stopped and shot those women. Someone might of gotten laid that night! That was a close one… pigs!

    Presifundent DotCom

  40. ffairlane57 says:

    Fine, fuck you…..go away.

  41. mrx00666 says:

    We should be thanking Law enforcement for shooting up innocent people? Fox news… Fucking fox news…

    I have question, if one of those people that were shot at first with no questions asked, had died?

    Would Fox news still be asking us to thank the cops?

    My guess, yeah they would.

  42. bf1tz says:

    likely shot himself to save the pain of burning alive… and ummm no there are still bones dumbass so u can tell he shot himself by the fact there a big hole in his skull a spend round inside it and a spend round casing on the floor… wow you hardly thought that out.

  43. Ty Brady says:

    Just goes to show the L.A. Police had shoot to kill orders, don’t take him alive.

  44. joavim says:

    Just Americans being Americans.

  45. rollofnickles says:

    He was driven mad by _____. Think about it.

  46. GantXP says:

    ;DD = ( . Y . )

  47. modelmajorpita says:

    I’m sure that the LAPD would have spent this much money, manpower, and time pursuing a shooter who wasn’t targeting the L.A. cops.

  48. GantXP says:

    Still dont see how an underline would drive anyone mad.

  49. mueygringo says: