Lefty Is A Racist-Death To America (6 1/2 minute loop)

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March 25, 2013
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March 25, 2013

Lefty Is A Racist-Death To America (6 1/2 minute loop)LMAO… Unsub Woody, F*ck Kyle, Wings lost a 1v1, Lefty is a racist Hmm, it seems that some of you don’t like the joke. Whatever, that happens with jokes. :)…


  1. blackwing722 says:

    Maybe because its called Lefty Is A Racist-Death To America (6 1/2 minute loop) Dipshit. You’re a fucking retard.

  2. lebronwho92190 says:

    no sir. 22, in college, going to panama city beach in three days for spring break. doing just fine! i’ll say hello to all of the beautiful college women there for you, while you sass people in youtube comments! damn i wish i were you

  3. MrPepzimax says:


  4. InfinitelyILLogical says:

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  5. FatalDefiancy says:


  6. 1Epicocity says:

    Look at my icon does it look like I give a FUCK!!!!

  7. Gray Riemer says:

    This is Kim Jong un’s lullaby

  8. TheGameRewardGuy says:


  9. therandmguyy says:

    What are you? a Terrorist?!

  10. Denis005 says:

    at what time does he say that?

  11. lebronwho92190 says:

    sorry troll, i think going to panama city beach is better then you surfing through your spank bank in your mothers basement. to each their own though! enjoy rosey palms

  12. Daniel Solbe says:

    Love you! 😛

  13. Steele Orgill says:

    This is the video that started a lot of people’s hatred towards Woody

  14. PvPMonstar says:

    Fuck america

  15. lebronwho92190 says:

    haha no, youre just being an angry douchebag. chill out

  16. Josh Prime says:

    Aha i honestly didn’t expect a reply. I’m glad you can see i was joking 🙂 Keep up the good work! 😀

  17. 1Epicocity says:

    your doing the same thing as me and your in college… hahahaha even more pathetic then I thought.

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  19. 1Epicocity says:

    Again thanks I really had to know what beer he was drinking, while you were trying to be cool by commenting what beer it was.

  20. TheMightyBinx says:

    I missed it.

  21. TheLittleWillyP says:

    No probs babe ;)

  22. Dylan Cain says:

    Every other comment is “I like the part where he says Death to America” Get original that so old.

  23. lebronwho92190 says:

    haha oh shit someones been watching too many minnesotaburns videos. you didnt troll anyone? gotta take off though, heading to florida. ill clarify though so you can understand. enjoy the material you google when you feel like masturbating while in your mothers basement instead of going out and talking to the opposite sex. rosey palms is another name for your hand. or Jill. hold your right hand out. whats it spell? jill, the only girl youve ever been with

  24. MultiWallow says:

    Perhaps he was expecting something a little more interesting than just a simple repetition of the same thing with no appeal, no beat and no humour.

  25. cashlessbread says:

    paranormal accounts are evidence demons exist..every case has an interdimensional approach,using deception as an effective constraint..demons mimic the deceased promoting séances -talking to the dead,they also mimic alien-grays,ufo’s and bigfoot worldwide promoting secularism..they’ll use any shapeshifting deception steering men away from the bible..to analyze demonic accounts check the playlist on my channel.

  26. undefinekings says:

    I watched the whole thing, can’t get this out of my head

  27. argentinaboy95 says:

    like if you sat through the whole thousand “death to america”

  28. jameson hahn says:

    Lol some people are butt-hurt….

  29. ClayNine1 says:

    Oh ya “Death to America” -Lefty643, LeftyOX, Lefty ………

  30. Fma3297 says:


  31. MrPepzimax says:


  32. OGDyl says:

    LOL at the bit when he says death to america.

  33. Jessy Sons says:

    I think he said it enough to conform his hate for America.

  34. lebronwho92190 says:

    haha apparently you do actually.

  35. omar10wahab says:

    This isn’t funny america if it were to die would cause global problems for not only the economy but for politics. People would start huge wars to seize america and claim it as its own. Millions would die and americans would be brutily raped, tortured, experimented on, and made into slaves. And not only would americans be mutilated but the zombie apocalypse would start because everyone knows element 115 is held in the basement of the white house. So on a serious note, no america live long

  36. EvanK950 says:

    Why is it 6 minutes?!?

  37. b0rn2w1n1 says:

    Woody is against the United States and brainwashing his subs. UNSUB

  38. Let Vee says:

    Don’t act like the full title showed up. Lefty Is A Racist-Death To America is what showed up and you know it.

  39. TheSpartacus1994 says:

    What’s so funny?

  40. William Bennett says:

    Wow people don’t realize this is a joke

  41. megatroll says:

    Death to the fascist military empire!

  42. Sebastian98Axelsson8 says:

    Agreed Death to America! Fucking hate USA

  43. lebronwho92190 says:

    that stick in your ass must be pretty big

  44. ewlgod says:

    Wasn’t so funny when people were doing this to you when you said woman are built for rape. . . Just sayin.

  45. VailingFob30 says:

    Read title. LOL.

  46. 1Epicocity says:

    And you should give a fuck why, oh yea because you are probably an insecure prik.

  47. 1Epicocity says:

    So why do you, dont worry I will answer it. Because you have to comment to feel accepted and be apart of something to cover for your sorry ass life.

  48. MultiWallow says:

    I’ll say the same thing that I said to the last retard that replied to me with that. Perhaps he was expecting something more interesting other than a boring, mind-numbing piece of shit which has no appeal whatsoever after the first 3 times

  49. 1Epicocity says:

    I am too young to even understand half of this comment and why would I be in my mom’s basement when I be in my room and yes bitch you just got trolled