Charged with simple possession of marijuana?

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September 16, 2010
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September 16, 2010
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Joe C asked:


I live in Jersey and I’m charged with simple possession of marijuana. I’m not 18 yet and I had 0.5 grams of weed on me when I was pulled over ( was passenger ). So I’m sort of lost in what I’d expect, especially the amount of fine that I’d get and most importantly if I need to hire a lawyer? I really don’t want to spend around 1000 to get one, but of course if there are any advantages that I’d get with a lawyer I’ve hire one. So can someone tell me if it is necessary to get a lawyer, as well as what kind of fines I’m expecting to get? ( I know I can get a digression as well as up to $1000 in fine )

On a side note and to detail what happened. I’m not a big pot smoker but my friend and I decided to go to a trail and enjoy the view. I guess someone smelled it when we had a J, but we weren’t even being loud, nor were we misbehaving in public. Also, we purposely walked the opposite direction from the guy that must have called the police on us later on, but yet he followed us and started to harass us. After that we just left the park and a police officer pulled us over pretty far from the park and we were arrested when we told them the truth.

I’ve never caused trouble in my life and am a honor student, choosing to smoke was my own decision and I’m willing to take responsibility for it, but this experience really changes the way I think of society and especially the government because to be honest, I don’t feel that I was harming or bothering anyone. Even the police didn’t seem like they thought smoking was a big deal but yet that guy called the cops on us; as well as the fact that after we arrived at the precinct, the officers were mocking us and making jokes instead of actually trying to help us if they thought it was really wrong. Although I’m definitely not going to smoke again just because it might jeopardize my future and possibly my college admission, I feel as if this experience didn’t teach me anything at all but made me more cynical and pessimistic.

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  1. Huckster says:

    Get a lawyer. Make sure he makes sure it doesn’t show up on your record. Never tell anyone you smoke pot, let alone were busted for it. Don’t ever smoke it again. Sorry if I sound like your dad.