why isnt my marijuana plant growing?

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Marijuana Growing
linksys asked:

it sprouted about nine days ago. i am giving it plenty of water. ive got a fluorescent light 7 inches away from it on 18 hrs a day. but still the only leaves it has are the two round starters and the two ridged ones. what am i doing wrong?


  1. Jo Jak says:

    At your stage your gonna want the light about 2 inches from the top 24 hours a day.

  2. pepatong says:

    save yourself the trouble. go in the woods and pick it/

  3. 560tt says:

    Your first problem is that the light is too far away from the plant. When in it’s sprouting stage, you’re going to want it to be 2 inches from the plant. How many watts are you using? You need atleast 100 watts. Also, how much water are you giving the plant? It doesn’t need very much water, only enough to keep it moist so that the roots can build while searching for water. Too much water will kill your plant.

    Heres the type of CFL you need.

    If you’re going to use the regular CFL you find at a store, you’re going to need to buy like 4 or 5 in order to have the correct wattage. The ones that say 100 watt incandescent equivalent are the wrong ones. You need 100 watts actual wattage. And the rule of thumb is 50 watts for each additional plant. So if you’re going to grow a second plant, get a 150 watt bulb. If you need additional help, get an account at grasscity.com. They have excellent guides for growing and the people there will help you with any problems you have.