Marijuana Drug Bust in Oakland California Political News

why isnt my marijuana plant growing?
September 25, 2010
How much more is medicinal marijuana in comparison to that which is sold illegaly?
September 25, 2010
PortugeeStud69 asked:

Marijuana Drug Bust in Oakland California Political News – Nothing to with Larry Craig or Comedy or Borat, nor is it funny; it’s serious stuff. Federal agents, DEA


  1. DreezRs says:

    yeah… seriously weed is like the LEAST dangerous drug EVER!

    most people OD from SLEEPING PILLS!!! and theyre worried about weed???????

  2. buttonsputon says:

    research/advocate industrial hemp alongside medicinal cannabis for health liberty and economy! and ecology! research the commodities we are not taking advantage of economically

  3. BongToker117 says:

    why did that fat fucked cop say that pot is dangerous?
    hella the potency has increased 300% since it became illeagal
    and yet to OD from it you would have to approximatly smoke 15000 lbs of pot in 15 min
    which is physicaly impossible

  4. budmanonetwo12 says:

    Do they every once in a while feed a good marijuana bust to the feds or what? The place is marijuanaville and everyone knows it. That shouldnt even be news.

  5. alienzettaexcell says:

    fuck the DEA ,MJ 4 life

  6. coreyah says:

    we need to replace the senate and the presidency with people who smoke weed so we can enjoy it

  7. cheddar21 says:


  8. cheddar21 says:

    I agree, and to top it off hes probably a huge cocktail drinker…… Everyone needs to smoke m ore pot, and smoke that prohibition too!

  9. Trevahhh says:

    fuck pot brownies i want a pot nutrageous!!!

  10. swishersweets2008 says:

    smoking some high grade pot is like drinkin some high grade booze.. whats the difference. pot wont kill you. booze will.

  11. iamshevanel says:

    “the thc has tripled in content. so it is very bad” that stupid hick probably doesnt even know what thc is ahahah.

  12. sbap21 says:

    My man Dan Ashley with the report

  13. PortugeeStud69 says:

    I know that the drug war isn’t working. It’s a complete, and utter, failure. We need to end the war on drugs; it would save lives and money. LEGALIZE ALL DRUGS, NOW!

  14. dakel7 says:

    4 time as much marijuana? war on drugs working? haha don’t bullshit yourself

  15. jackfire55 says:

    more toys have killed ppl then weed.

  16. GWBushsuks says:

    reefer madness.