Who are the people involved in growing marijuana and what are the levels of authority?

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September 3, 2010
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September 4, 2010
Marijuana Growing
Hannah<3 asked:

I know there are the terms “grower” and “picker” but what are the rest? Any reference from the documentary “The Union” would be great!


  1. Sarona S says:

    all it is ,is coco leaves. ppl in other contrys pick coco leaves to cook in their meals and thniggs. america just decides to “weedify” it and smokee itt. i was innocent at some point and time.

  2. Thomas says:

    Not to forget the “fall man”- the lowest on the totem pole. He is the one that: sells the product, and gets all the “fall” if the operation goes to the shits.
    There is realisticly no “uniform” way to grow MJ. It is controlled by an underground market (aka random whoevers) so there really are no set rules.
    You have most of the roles- people who buy the supplies, the location, people who watch the stuff, the street crew, and the guy at the top who never sees anything but the “Green” (money) 😉
    This is why if America legalized this stuff, these underground growers would eventually disapear. Think about it: we can go to the gas station, buy our cigs and walk out. Who the hell grows tobacco?? If MJ were legal… who would grow it when you could walk to 7-11 and buy a pack of joints?? (assuming you are of age).