Would you use medicinal marijuana if it was legalized?

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Medicinal Marijuana
connie asked:

I would! I have a terrible sunburn and now after a joint I feel great.

19 comments on “Would you use medicinal marijuana if it was legalized?

  1. missjellybaby on

    lol!!! they should definatley make medical marijuana legal… they should make marijuana legal period. much better than alcohol and its natural. makes you feel better no matter WHAT the problem is and no hang over!!! i’m a supporter! i hear ya!

  2. Zeke H on

    You might consider staying out of the sun. No pain, and no need for drugs.

    If it were legalized, it should be legalized for the lingering illnesses that it truly helps–glaucoma, chronic, long-term pain, etc.

  3. Michael l on

    you mean if it “were” legalized. And yes I would if it would help with whatever condition I had. I use it now recreation ally. Healthier than alcohol and stress.

  4. Smarty Kat on

    I don’t have any need for it.

    I am currently trying to get myself to be motivated & work harder.
    And I am trying to exercise more & eat less.

    Marijuana would undermine those goals.

    But I am not a snob about it. I do know medical marijuana can be very useful for several issues. But I don’t think sunburn is one of them. You are just using an excuse.

  5. slytherin_sith_lord on

    End the Drug War…legalize and decriminalize all drugs. End American intervention in all countries outside the US. Restore individual civil liberties.

    VAK below has said it all.

  6. screaming monk on

    If a doctor suggested it, yes. I would opt for a non-combusting method of administering, as I cannot see how “smoke” can ever be acceptable.
    I suppose the smoke wouldn’t matter if one were terminally ill.

  7. VAK on

    I already use it, so yes. It should be legal regardless of medicinal purposes.

    It’s insane that two of the most dangerous drugs are legal and available in unlimited quantity while a much safer drug that is impossible to overdose on is illegal.

    Marijuana prohibition amounts to nothing but an enormous waste of money and time to law enforcement and our prison system. It also eliminates a source of tax revenue for the government, as well as income to law abiding citizens who would be employed by the booming pot industry if it were legal.

    If I had my way, all drugs would be legal. We’ve made no progress on the “War on Drugs” in over 20 years, and have spent trillions on a losing effort. The profits are too high to ever make any headway. Throwing more law enforcement at it may catch more shipments, but then they just bombard the market with more shipments to get enough product through. Losses are written into their business model, and they have the profit to cover a ridiculous amount of loss. They also don’t give a damn about the mules who get caught smuggling, as there are millions of idiots ready to take their place.

    In the meantime, this trillion dollar industry serves as a windfall of profits to our worst domestic and foreign enemies. Why allow the gangs, drug cartels and terrorist networks to fund themselves on the profits of our citizens’ vices? People will never stop doing drugs, and they’ll never stop being able to find drugs. It’s all too compelling and way too easy to find.

    I often wonder how many people in law enforcement, the DEA and State & Federal Government get drunk off their asses every night, then wake up in the morning and pass judgment on the “evils” of recreational drugs.

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