May 10, 2014
WEED PRANK – Bong Juice
May 10, 2014

UNINSPIRED...https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i.m.m.o.d./id867611931 https:// all viewers must 18 and up for this video. adult setting, language and activities.


  1. MW2UNoMe13 says:

    Humming birds in Cali act different than around here.. If there’s more than
    one at my feeder they try to kill each other xD

  2. 234cheech says:

    one direction

  3. Lukes Florida says:


  4. 234cheech says:

    no bother bro

  5. 6271tony says:

    Have garden work also, transplanting all clones today…prep for tomorrow
    harvest. But first it’s dab time!

  6. paul-area51-ev says:


  7. robbie parker says:

    cheers everyone

  8. IronLungs Mcgee says:

    yuri you chat skipper

  9. ron strong says:

    yoyo cheers trendys!!

  10. avonfootball6 says:


  11. Billie Ballantine says:

    boozin’ bozo calling every phone in your house

  12. allekans says:

    yo trendy s wazzup ?

  13. BCBudBarron says:

    Just off to work have a good one Trendys!!!!

  14. ANoisyMindIsEvilDuhh says:

    why don’t you use a volcano vaporizer more than bong?

  15. robbie parker says:

    yo trendys

  16. Ras Tafari says:

    so high

  17. yuri michigan says:

    yo guys

  18. Solar Haze says:

    got that heroic voice haha

  19. trendyasdabbers says:


  20. Billie Ballantine says:

    ok cool man!!

  21. sbdank bud says:

    garden looks great nay 🙂

  22. Lukes Florida says:

    Nay do use creamer for coffee java

  23. 6271tony says:

    Good morning all!! Been out with health issues, back and need some
    Trendyness!! Cheers

  24. Lukes Florida says:

    cheers! 11:06 am from Fl

  25. Billie Ballantine says:

    Hey boys!

  26. robbie parker says:


  27. Game Guru Okamoto says:


  28. 1nonlyg69 says:

    If anyone cares about 2 go live n a few so if u want 2 stop by n burn one
    ill see ya there

  29. Solar Haze says:

    you should play a superhero in a movie. trendyman hahaha

  30. Lukes Florida says:

    lol nay

  31. HappyHighTime says:

    Sup Nay brother tuned back in! Sup Trendys! =]]

  32. sbdank bud says:

    good morning all !!!

  33. robbie parker says:

    yo nay cheerss

  34. 234cheech says:

    ommi direction

  35. Lukes Florida says:

    i do

  36. shynee mac says:

    im in florida its beautiful here, ill be back to California tomarrow, hope
    my plants are okay

  37. Ras Tafari says:

    Morning Nay!

  38. ANoisyMindIsEvilDuhh says:

    does vapin have 4x more THC than like bowl or joint?

  39. Civic Sickness says:

    some new live setup from youtube very cool…..

  40. Lukes Florida says:

    hooping in n out of the broadcasttoo u guys. subbed

  41. senlocke says:

    gm trendys

  42. rhinoman2000 says:

    high bro, sup?

  43. Jay C says:

    yo yo trendy’s

  44. robbie parker says:

    sup billie.. honkhonk motha fuckkas

  45. 234cheech says:

    dampnig the echo

  46. JustSmokeGreen says:

    Nay is like the coolest dude ever.

  47. 234cheech says:


  48. shynee mac says:

    morning nay and all my trendy friends!

  49. 234cheech says:

    mines at me ass

  50. 234cheech says:

    48 phantom power or a 9v battary