大麻で難病を治す「医療大麻」最前線 – Medicinal Marijuana in Japan
May 10, 2014
Wicked Garden Day 28
May 10, 2014

OUT ON THE DECK WITH NAY & DINO!all viewers must 18 and up for this video. adult setting, language and activities. Live BF4 with Nay on Cam!


  1. Ernest Stewart says:

    O yeaaa its school time

  2. waltmann66 says:

    sup jack.

  3. TheGanjaFarmer says:

    Peace out Nay. Gotta tend to the gardens

  4. waltmann66 says:

    car in the pic.

  5. trendyasdabbers says:

    blastin some blueberry…

  6. Jack Jones says:

    yep there are some sad little people online..

  7. Jack Jones says:

    sup robbie,cheech, trnedy’s

  8. cupojoe withjoe says:

    damn nice ride man

  9. robbie parker says:

    Cheers jack.. Good vibes to all.. Weather is shitty here today

  10. Jack Jones says:

    Good stuff as always nay..Cheers

  11. cupojoe withjoe says:

    packing a bowl now

  12. mic foley says:

    yo nay

  13. Jack Jones says:

    hey waltmann

  14. cupojoe withjoe says:

    hot rod? what u working on?

  15. ruis mont says:


  16. Farm4Freedom says:

    absolutely nothing huh good God you all! hahaha

  17. waltmann66 says:

    1971 pro street Vega.

  18. cupojoe withjoe says:

    hmm very nice indeed

  19. grapeapevine says:


  20. waltmann66 says:

    What up nay!!

  21. waltmann66 says:

    Beautiful day here in Alaska, Sunny and 54!!! Like a fucken heat wave!! lol

  22. cupojoe withjoe says:

    sup robbie

  23. cupojoe withjoe says:

    as nay packs a tube for bho XD

  24. Jack Jones says:

    Cheers Trendy’s

  25. robbie parker says:

    Yo joe.. Cheers brotha

  26. Kevin Erickson says:

    Yo Whats’s up trandy’s!

  27. 234cheech says:

    ffs 10 min in 4 thumbs down

  28. cupojoe withjoe says:


  29. grapeapevine says:

    the old man from the mountains coming home

  30. waltmann66 says:

    thank you bro.

  31. Ernest Stewart says:

    reminds me of my Moma say n you better get in there and get that lesson
    beore any thing else

  32. Jack Jones says:

    cheers robbie

  33. Jack Jones says:

    hey bro

  34. cupojoe withjoe says:

    sup my fellow trendys long time no see 😉

  35. EXP1 says:

    Cheers Nay

  36. waltmann66 says:

    Fuck those 4 haters!!!

  37. Farm4Freedom says:

    what in the hell bobby! what did i just drop in on!? lol

  38. TheGanjaFarmer says:

    Nay doin the damn thing.

  39. robbie parker says:

    Cheers trendys

  40. 234cheech says:

    thaywerent long

  41. Ernest Stewart says:

    sup cheech,,,cheers Trendys

  42. Jack Jones says:


  43. 234cheech says:

    hi ernest

  44. waltmann66 says:

    I should be working on my hot rod, But the bong hits keep calling me man!!,