s2 SCROG & Timelapse


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s2 SCROG & TimelapseD Thanks for watching, Subscribe for more grow updates, tips, tutorials, cannabis montages, sessions and more!!! Be sure to check out my website!! Grow420…

42 comments on “s2 SCROG & Timelapse

  1. TrailerParkPotDealer on

    your good at making videos, but´╗┐ you have alot to learn about growing the holy herb. Keep it up.

  2. MassTrichromes on

    I made the same mistake, netting day 1. some tripled in height. waz gonna add second net up top, instead I cut old one out and just did weekly rotations. now the critical +, she’s getting floppy! time for bamboo. good on ya for´╗┐ showing the learning curve

  3. DrMarijauna on

    beautiful bud man, i wish that i did not live in fucking Texas smoken that bunk ass dirt weed from mexico it does not exactly help with anxiety attacks. thanks for the great videos man inspired me to do a bit´╗┐ of my own cultivating

  4. meghan00851 on

    Great vid as always. Those of you who dont follow G420G on a regular shudnt criticize bc he states what he does is “His own personal preference”. To each there own. Keep doin u! Btw uve been MIA for a min homie, hows the outdoor grow comin along? Was wonderin if u recommended scrog, trellis or tomato cage for outdoor plants? Oo itd b great if ud touch base on waterin too. Id greatly appreciate´╗┐ it. Keep the vids comin n dont b goin ghost on us! Peace n Love!

  5. Sammy Rahim on

    Since you cant move your pots after scrog, where do you drain the run´╗┐ off water after feeding?

  6. Notof Thisworld on

    isn’t that just netting to keep your plant from falling over .
    i mean im not trying to be a dick but if you want to see true scrogging go watch.
    HygroHybrid the master of scrog
    peace &´╗┐ blessings man

  7. grow420guy on

    You are alive!! I like the disclaimer at´╗┐ the beginning lol ladies are looking great brotha!

  8. skimaskready on

    How not to Scrog. This is like some frankenstein high school grow. If´╗┐ you did it right, you would have no need for the ridiculous string. Oh man, I hope no one attempts this.

  9. bogmybro on

    i enjoy watching any kind of cannabis channels, grow420guide is one of the few i have subs.. i like your videos but yeah i agree with Notof i also think the Scrog you’re doing isnt that well executed compared to Hg for example.
    It is supposed´╗┐ to get a blanket of tops around the net, not like you have here, your plants are like you say 2 foot above the net.

  10. Rick James on

    Yeah im sure you do… Next time you want to scam people you should make a more believable profile, mr.´╗┐ Mike Dawson from west Africa. LOL

  11. rrugs on

    Dude- the reason “HygroHybrid’s” scrog is off the hook is because he weaves and trains BEFORE 12/12!! The two branches that were weaved and presented a “scrog fail!” was ’cause ya did it DURING flower which stresed the hell outta´╗┐ them girls…. hopefully they didn’t herm out on ya…..

  12. Mike Dawson on

    i supply a wide range of strains such as Purple kush,´╗┐ bluberry kush, Lemon Haze, mg 39, AK 47, Bubble gum, Northern Lights, Black Pioson,Juicy Fruit,Purple Nepal,Purple Passion,Purple Pussy,Purple Urkle,Domino,Raspberry ,King Kong ,K.O Kush,

  13. MaxxABillion on

    I don’t know´╗┐ much, but do the plants “stretch” towards the light? Maybe lowering the light will keeping them from stretching as much

  14. Mehd Ickal on

    Bend´╗┐ and break those things when your doing the scrog it wont hurt and will promote more branches

  15. OmarDono on

    Check out HygroHybrid everyone! He gives out so many videos and inside information on growing! If u need one subscriber to watch and´╗┐ learn everything he is the guy! Check em out HygroHybrid!

  16. mary jane on

    dont worry about the haters brother´╗┐ ,weed can be grown sucsessfully many ways ,u just do ya thang man and grow screw the muther lickers lol

  17. Grow420Guide on

    hahaha I didnt realize I was absent from youtube for 2 weeks!!! Time flies. And thanks´╗┐ man, for the help with the scrog 4 hands is way more helpful than 2.

  18. urbutthertz on

    Yes, lowering´╗┐ your lights will reduce any unwanted stretching. The higher the watts, the less stretching. 600 watts is the best. It will give off less heat and allow you to get them closer to your plants.

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