Marijuana and Christianity


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Marijuana and ChristianityI made this video to point out in my veiws i see nothing wrong with smoking weed as a chrsitian, nowhere in the bible does it mark it wrong either, and i don…

3 comments on “Marijuana and Christianity

  1. KBNinja29 on

    The monkey experiment – To “save time”, they forced pound upon pound of cannabis smoke into a monkeys system, in about a 15minute time frame. Whether or not the smoke was cannabis, or burning leaves, paper, or wood, the monkeys would have died from lack oxygen and gone braindead. The “experiment” holds no scientific weight, and is only ever referenced in anti cannabis propaganda.

    Out of interest, what is the heart condition that made you choose to discontinue your cannabis use?

  2. Jim Halpert on

    It heals thow, and it used to connect me closer with God, and Jesus said, “Its not what enters a man that defines him, but what comes out.” but we all come to God in our own ways, so i respect your opinion.

  3. Z Buck on

    God gave us the ability to make alcohol and consume it, does that mean we should get drunk? God gave us the ability to make meth, should we use it?

    In the bible God condemns the use of alcohol to get drunk, alcohol is mind altering drug. you become intoxicated.

    The same goes for marijuana, you smoke it, you become intoxicated, it is not that far of a leap to compare marijuana to alcohol.

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