Just got home from a GREYBEARD gig, let’s DAB IT OUT!

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April 13, 2014
DNA Genetics Tangie
April 13, 2014

Just got home from a GREYBEARD gig, let's DAB IT OUT!all viewers must 18 and up for this video. adult setting, language and activities. Live BF4 with Nay on Cam!


  1. htownplayaftw says:

    night trendys

  2. emo4elmo says:

    her mom is nuts I think she’s feeding into her

  3. TheKrimron says:

    Cheers bro later

  4. hammer head says:

    its sad man but it will get better-i’ve had 3 wives

  5. Nice won says:

    night homie

  6. grapeapevine says:

    rand paul

  7. MrMarine347 says:


  8. hammer head says:

    you know you want it

  9. MrMarine347 says:

    Night night

  10. grapeapevine says:

    ben carson

  11. hope peddler says:

    dont do it!!

  12. grapeapevine says:


  13. Nina Semone says:

    Totally Crazyyyyy

  14. MrMarine347 says:

    Damn Nay now my 2yr old says he wants a cookie ..lol

  15. grapeapevine says:

    the casual arm pit smell test

  16. hammer head says:

    thats just awful!

  17. Nina Semone says:


  18. grapeapevine says:


  19. hope peddler says:

    goddamn thats edgy

  20. grapeapevine says:

    summers here and im ready for bbq

  21. emo4elmo says:

    ya..been a hard few weeks but i’ll find something to get through it.,

  22. htownplayaftw says:

    peace nay

  23. htownplayaftw says:

    stay high trendys

  24. grapeapevine says:

    eat the whole fucking bag!!!!!!

  25. hope peddler says:


  26. hope peddler says:

    shouldnt have eaten that cookie

  27. Nina Semone says:

    Yeass grapeapevine the best cookies

  28. Nina Semone says:

    Eatttt ittttttt lmfaoooo

  29. StayHigh420 says:

    You’re awesome Nay

  30. hammer head says:


  31. TheKrimron says:

    Excited bro I won Pinoys logo contest!

  32. emo4elmo says:

    whats good guys

  33. Bradford Blair says:


  34. emo4elmo says:

    4:20 cheers its her loss right gonna move on with mylife

  35. StayHigh420 says:

    Fuck I always smoke so much when I watch your videos hahaha!
    Do not yell at me!

  36. grapeapevine says:

    famous amos is my guess for cookie brand

  37. trendyasdabbers says:

    late night with nay after a show…

  38. hammer head says:

    you can’t eat just one

  39. Nina Semone says:

    Eat the Cookie lmfaoooo

  40. hammer head says:


  41. hammer head says:

    do it

  42. TheKrimron says:

    Whats up Nay & Trendys

  43. grapeapevine says:

    debt roit

  44. hammer head says:

    you should name your band cookie or maybe i will name our band cookie

  45. Jonny Deuzbag says:

    whuddup nay

  46. Monky D. Luffy says:

    Hey nay Happy birthday for yesterday! sorry i missed the lives

  47. TheKrimron says:

    The one with the piece of shatter in the background

  48. grapeapevine says:

    i make cookie monster muffins that will crunch any hunger

  49. MrMarine347 says:

    Another Cookie Nay another Cookie !!!

  50. hammer head says:

    one wife and 2 idiots