DNA Genetics Tangie

Just got home from a GREYBEARD gig, let’s DAB IT OUT!
April 13, 2014
PART 2 T5 in a Flower Room AND Color of my plants – Demonstration # 2
April 13, 2014

DNA Genetics TangieDNA Genetics Tangie. 63 days flower.


  1. CannaHeaven says:

    That sure looks dank and properly dried bro

  2. paul chatham says:

    Could you share your thoughts on the dorm grow g8 led lights?

  3. MrMarine347 says:

    thumbs ups

  4. growbignuggs says:

    That fire!!! Looks good

  5. tear from the clouds says:

    def. some of the better tangie i have seen…must be a good pheno…and of
    course u grew it well…nice job!

  6. GreenMountainGrow says:


  7. el guru de la ganja izqben says:

    alguien podría decirme que tal sale nothers lights de genetics…… my
    favorite is Malawi gold os recomiendo cultívarla será como su primer

  8. TooDabbed says:

    Got some kosher tangie right now veggin up in a solo under 500watts hope
    the pheno leans towards the Tangie 🙂 dope job brother!

  9. Original Glass says:


  10. DerpDerpity420 says:

    You are the second person today that I have seen handling Tange with gloves
    on. This strain must be smokin’ hot huh? Peace 

  11. Hort Hydro says:

    Very nice,keep up the videos,PEACE:)

  12. citrusaroma says:

    Cant wait to see the oil you blast from these nugs! I know your patient
    demand right now is insane and its only gunna increase.

  13. Jay Bong says:

    Looks like special premium weed 😉 more than 23% thc ?

  14. geaR says:

    dried properly 

  15. north seven o five says:


  16. Nicolas Nugs says:

    good work. looks like the funk

  17. RiccRaw23to83 says:

    Nice nuggs.

  18. Northeast710 says:

    Looks tasty 

  19. oneshotgrow says:
  20. Smoke King 420 says:

    Nice work

  21. el guru de la ganja izqben says:

    yo para este año nother lighs de genetics Malawi gold de ace sedes
    california hash plant de dinafem y black domina de kannabia suerte a todos
    con el cultivo de este año y buenas flores legalice ya

  22. jblizz510 says:

    Nice bro I gotta question so out of all the led s you have a hitch one do
    you think is the best and worst 

  23. bsmashing24 says:

    Wuzzuper bro like n the purp looks tasty to good job nice cure.

  24. MrPercythrower says:

    Sweet sativa mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm