how do you get all female seeds when growing marijuana?

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xxxdriftr asked:

all female!!!
those of you who answered in the way i thought you would. totally got the question wrong. i already know about breeding them for seeds. but how do you get ONE plant to produce all female seeds!! no males

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  1. Nihil1221 on

    I go on a tuition myself… You can in fact get feminized seeds, a little expensive and well still illegal i think, use to be that seedbay place, just sex your plants early and throw the dudes away before there little balls make a mess on those lil ladies and your good… i get a 25% ratio usually, on most any seeds… such a pretty plant, dont people smoke them? 😉

  2. marcusj0016 on

    ok this is the kind of wuestion i look forward to seeing on yahoo answers more often hellz yeah

    and it would take a lot of selective breeding ALOT!!!!

    corn was originally an anominally in regular grass until people grew it and keept it going and that took about 4,000 years so yeah man it wont happen in your lifetime

    sorry bro

  3. ben r on

    Feminized seeds come from a hermaphrodite plant. Or a plant with both male and female sex organs. If you want to get a hermaphrodite plant you can stress it, for example you can begin to flower it then put it back into veg cycle, Repot the plant many times, pretty much anything that doesnt sound like a good idea. Good luck!!

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