how do people get caught growing marijuana in their house?

someone is caught growing marijuana, and it is their first offense?
September 2, 2010
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September 2, 2010
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Java asked:

ok if people grow pot in their house, how do they get caught (aside from people who come over, see it and rat on them)?

thank you, best answer will get 10 points
would they be able to know if you had like 1-2 plants?


  1. John says:


    my buddy’s girlfriend was speeding, and the policeman followed her to his door and smelled it.

  2. Indra says:

    Well, they could make the mistake themselves of being stupid and telling people about it.

  3. O'Really says:

    the police monitor spikes in power usage…link to follow

    But law enforcement has two key allies in the war on drugs: water and power companies. A house with 1,000-watt electrical lights, constant air conditioning and an array of pumps, filters and monitoring equipment will generate quite a power bill. When electric companies notice unreasonably high power usages or patterns of use that fall in line with grow house light cycles, they go straight to the authorities. These conditions leave two options for grow house operators: either make your own electricity or steal

  4. Bystander says:

    Massive rise in electricity bills and neighbours can smell the odour. Also people coming once a day and then never being seen until the next day again.

    Also people will tip off the police. Either people in the area or other growers who want the competition gone.

  5. Fred says:

    Usually one of two ways:

    The scent is overbearing and can usually be smelled on the street.

    The lights used for growing the crop emit a LOT of heat which can be picked up by police helicopter using a special device.

  6. Paladin says:

    if they have a big enough greenhouse, the electricity usage can be an indicator

    but usually they are stupid enough to tell everybody about their crop

  7. thegubmint says:

    Outlandish power consumption and high infrared imagery reading are two ways.

    But given the mental acuity of your normal pot grower and their friends, it’s usually someone just being stupid and talking too much that does it.

  8. Mr. says:

    Some get caught stealing electricity….because you have to steal electricity to make it cost effective to grow indoors. Otherwise your electric bill would over 1500 per month…and that in itself would be a dead giveaway…

    Also, the heat coming from the house, lights up like a christmas tree on infra-red… The cops look for this from helicopters.

    Other than that….the smell could resinate accross a neighborhood, and neighbors might find it suspicious that nobody really lives at the house but someone always comes by once in a while.

  9. dude. says:

    The neighbor complains about all the people coming and going.
    Your electric bill has huge spikes in usage.
    Infrared sensors in helicopters pick up the heat signature from grow lights in improperly insulated grow room.
    But the biggest reason, people get greedy and stupid don’t cover their *** properly.

    One or two plants you may get away with if you keep it well hidden and keep your mouth shut. A lot of people get busted just because they can’t keep their mouth shut.

  10. candy g says:

    there was a huge case about 10 years ago where an ex cop then postman knocked on a door to deliver a package and thus saw / recognised the batch of plants from the front door, they busted him and got the 300 OTHERS he had around the house and attic.

  11. Morbo J says:

    Well, if random people come to your house often, and the police have a reason to believe there’s drug activity going on, they might get a search warrant and raid your house…
    Other than that, I can’t really imagine how you’d ever get caught.

  12. Brenda L says:

    Yes, sometimes it is from someone coming over and “ratting,” usually when there is a falling out in the relationship. I have seen quite a few get busted from the male in the house committing some sort of domestic violence. Sometimes a third party will call the police for a disturbance (mother-in-law, etc.). Once the police are there at the door they can come in without a warrant to do a “safety check” of the reportedly abused or assaulted person. Once inside, if in plain view they have ya… or they can go back and get a search warrant (based on what they saw/smelled, etc) to look further.

    I have also seen people busted by a search warrant issued due to the smell emanating from the home, I f a larger operation. Weed smokers, I think, become a bit immune to the distinctive smell and do not realize how strong it is – even from the outside.