Applegate marijuana plant removal

how do people get caught growing marijuana in their house?
September 2, 2010
smoking marijuana has changed me?
September 2, 2010
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Raid on outdoor marijuana garden in Southern Oregon


  1. FreedomFarmerUSA says:

    These cops are nothing but Marijuana patrol officers. They are running Meth behind the taxpayers back, and then busting the pot smokers above the table to make it look good for the war on drugs.!

    It’s like this, More Meth means more strung out people, more strung out people means more crime, more crime means more FUNDING! THey dont want to bust the people strung out up for 2 weeks sitting on an arsenal of guns! No!!!
    Wake up America. You’ve been had!!!!
    Watch out for the hippies too…

  2. rockondon says:

    watch mena connection

  3. rockondon says:

    what do you expect there pigs,they harrass
    innocent people and keep the pot,you really
    think they’ll throw it away?yeah right fucking

  4. bOnGsMoKe8 says:

    fuckin asshole cutting down thoses beutiful organic natral plant. FUCKIN HEARTLESS CUNTS!!!

  5. Electricspaceodyssey says:

    Wow Dude, Thats Intense.

  6. briantyson says:

    either the growers, or people the growers higher walk around in the vacinity of the plants with high powered guns to make sure nobody takes any. when i first stumbled across them i wanted to take some and my friends said no. walk around about 30 minutes later and we see a mexican with an AR-15. in all sseriousness.

  7. adamizer says:

    LOL miracle grow! noooob

  8. mikeys1111 says:

    looks like an easy job!
    way easier than what the growers go through.
    with how much work goes into growing it that shoulda been gaurded

  9. briantyson says:

    yea, i live in the rogue vallely. about twelve miles away, if even, form the applegate valley. this shit happens all the time. it’s a shame. i’m stumbled across weed plants hunting with friends in the applegate. but you’d be smart not to take any.

  10. whitepower53 says:

    fuck now way fuck these cunts

  11. falconsfan393 says: