Day 14 flower multi strain grow

1200 Watt – Air Cooled 4×8 Grow Tent – Set Up
March 27, 2013
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March 27, 2013

Day 14 flower multi strain growPlants get 1,6 ec of bloom nutes and supervit only ph 5,8. You can ebb and flow with a dishpan. Do not hand water from top.


  1. 916Grower says:

    garden does look good

  2. ScruffnStuff says:

    It looks green on this end man dont go murduring bitches out of pure psychosis, lol
    Got some great lookin green ladies

  3. propyropower says:

    nice vid and pro looking plants!

  4. mapito grow says:

    water as needed. as the plants get bigger they need more water. This time my pots are small so the plants need water 2x per day. They grow very fast.
    I would prefer 5 gallon pots for plants this size. This round i use 2 gallon pots.

  5. blazinsoundzz says:

    so u water twice a day everyday even when you are flowering

  6. mozz324 says:

    why exactly do u wick feed or water from bottom? great info dude. great vids. ive patched a ton of closets too!

  7. dAda313 says:

    although, would be nice to have a little bird family inside the grow room. If they pay rent and use the human toilette ..why not? 😀

  8. mapito grow says:

    This is a good question.
    Yes there is food in the water every time they get water.
    At about day 49-56 they will get fresh water to flush out the nutes.

  9. bushwackers37 says:

    So i hope this isn’t a bad question??? Do you feed every time you water?

  10. savoyfarm says:

    Thanks alot needed that info bro you make it look so easy…..

  11. 128BlocK says:

    Hi, Cant you make a video when you water the plants?

  12. mapito grow says:

    wick feeding helps to prevent salt build up on top from the nutes drying.

  13. mapito grow says:


  14. hondatodabh says:

    Makes me want to use mapito