1200 Watt – Air Cooled 4×8 Grow Tent – Set Up

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March 27, 2013
Day 14 flower multi strain grow
March 27, 2013

1200 Watt - Air Cooled 4x8 Grow Tent - Set UpJOIN THE DANK DEN https://thedankden.com/index.php?do=/invite/user_51/ Anyone wanting to talk cannabis with me or learn more about can click the link above a…


  1. EastCoastChameleon says:

    Not trying to argue but fuck that! UPS never once has delivered a beat up package to me.Fed ex does it on a regular.Theres even been tv shows about how bad fedex delivery guys are with the packages.every package i got from them last week was full of holes or had broken parts inside.

  2. unu2trei4life says:

    best set up i ve seen beautiful keep growing peace and unity

  3. Mystjah says:

    I tried sign up for the den seem probs with verification email

  4. drotegu6 says:

    nice set up man congrats

  5. EastCoastChameleon says:

    I think i built this tent for around $1000 all with stuff from online stores.A hydro store would have been much more.

  6. GanjaChiefer420 says:

    how do you figure the amps? could you make a video on it?

  7. irepthateast says:

    Congratz man on living your dream hope it goes well

  8. EastCoastChameleon says:

    i hope over 2 pounds per cycle

  9. EastCoastChameleon says:

    i took today off from the grow tent after yesturdays assembly.i havnt turned anything on till i get my replacement hood.it should be in a few days…give that Fedex a kick in the ass for me too!

  10. Toketone33 says:

    @EastCoastChameleon can you please inform me on name of the fliter cover you buy from the thrift store please ineed of a new filter cover …thanks

  11. acmund says:

    Looks good…your gonna want a dedicated fan to cool those lights. Pulling hot air from inside the room wont be sufficient. An 8 inch fan pulling air from outside the room would be optimal. Not being negative..
    I had the same setup to start and the lights stayed hot and it was hard to cool the room…good luck and happy growing!


    great vid man.hope one day i can have a good setup like that

  13. Tom Smith says:

    lol bahh humbug

  14. deesnuts1965 says:

    I don’t trust extension cords. hope the one on the freezer is big enough to carry the load.
    please check your cord size. 10awg is the smallest I would use for the freezer.

  15. fatmexican254 says:

    i bought a 4×4 tent from them bro, be very careful with the zippers

  16. EastCoastChameleon says:

    hoods- ebay-hydro crunch
    Revolt ballasts- ebay
    Tent – virtual sun .com
    carbon filter and inline fan & digital bulbs - HTG supply.com
    everything else – HTG supply.com

  17. EastCoastChameleon says:

    what isnt made in china these days? i know it sucks.

  18. Spencer Cindia says:

    Congrats man! What will be the christening strains?

  19. 80sDon says:

    Thanks guy… I have a DR120 II, but needed another tent for cheap. $130 for a 4×4 with free shipping for the Virtual Sun tent is a great price. I just brought 1 like 5 minutes ago…

  20. EastCoastChameleon says:

    im thinking about trying a grow of 8 to start off in here.

  21. Toketone33 says:

    Whats the name of the filter Cover u get from the thrift /hobby store…thanks luv ur vids

  22. EastCoastChameleon says:

    its called “quilted batting” at my hobby and craft store.

  23. doctorrin says:

    Honestly its not FedEx’s fault. The hydro seller sent you out a new one becaue eBay has strict responsibility for the seller to get the item to the buyer as described. It is up to the seller to package the product to be kicked, dropped and stomped by mail carriers. Glad you weren’t left with the bag. Great vid.

  24. CORPSAGE says:

    grats on the new system dude!! you shouldve checked amazon for a 8x4x7 tent tho first… either way, mad props, much love and good growin! check out my first video on my channel, gave the eastcoastchameloen an a few of my other favorite youtube growers a shoutout

  25. Chris AA says:

    10:15 such true words. Best hobby i’ve ever found too.

  26. delvite420 says:

    gr8 setup man, cant wait to see it filled 😉 peace n subbed

  27. EastCoastChameleon says:

    my set up here is gonna be running around 12 amps with all the ballasts and fans

  28. Jose euro says:

    when u you use those fan speed changer you don’t save on electricity and if you don’t run it full speed your filter won’t work as well or at all, just a little tip. but it’s nice to see you stepping your game up to the next level..!

  29. Musa CokeBoys says:

    Awesome vid bro good luck ill be watching

  30. Jose euro says:

    doing that one person isn’t easy at all, actually a task and a half..! Good wokr Mr. Tight…

  31. bicflicker08 says:

    if u dont mind me asking about how much was ur total?

  32. LiveSimpIy says:

    i fucking love that intro

  33. EastCoastChameleon says:

    well if the outlet on the wall is 15 amps and each 600 watt ballast is 5.5 amps them your running close to the max.then consider your fans and other stuff you have to plug into that outlet.1000 watt ballasts use over 8 amps so 2 of those would of never worked in my situation.Unless you bought ballasts that could be ran on a 240 line.that would cut the amp load in half but thats an entirely different set up.Another option would be to put a bigger circuit brakeer in your fuse panel for that outlet

  34. J Vicious says:


  35. Comkilla says:

    fuckin christmas

  36. EastCoastChameleon says:

    i used a heavy duty cord. the freezer draws a light load anyway.the extension cord i used is the same gauge as the power cord to the freezer.

  37. GanjaChiefer420 says:

    so you have to look in your electric box to determine what you can use for each outlet next year im doing a grow with two 600 watt hps/mh lights and they come with ballast I thought all you had to do was hook them up to the ballasts and hook the ballasts up to the wall and the ballasts converted everything themselves or something like that? didn’t know you have to figure out everything before you plugged them in

  38. Jose euro says:

    the closer you put your fan to the end of your ducting the more efficient it will pull. i sure hope that 6 inch fan cools both those lights..?

  39. EastCoastChameleon says:

    10 -12 comfortably the way I do them.

  40. mrdameon1 says:

    Have you fired the lights up yet to see if there are any light leaks?If they are light tight I would like to get one to put my mothers in that would free some more room up for flowering.I’ve been fed up with fedex for about 10 years now I got six boxes from htg the other day and fedex beat them all to hell the fedex guy is about to get a special delivery from my combat boot to his ass lol.

  41. stickypopful says:

    “Thank you fedex,you suck thumb up” LOL. Great vid!

  42. EastCoastChameleon says:

    what isnt made in china these days? i know it sucks…

  43. 80sDon says:

    Can you PLEASE list the name and/or the online site where you purchased all your main components?

  44. EastCoastChameleon says:

    48 pounds!

  45. Musa CokeBoys says:

    How many plants do u thinks that’ll hold about 12

  46. MRSMILEYGUY6 says:

    Nice bro looking good. I see a lot of kind herb in your future.

  47. 227matatan says:

    @eastcoastchameleon how much u think u can pull from this setup?

  48. Aaronwhitaker11 says:

    Did you buy a kit or get everything separate, also what wattage lights are you using.

  49. EastCoastChameleon says:

    i use a 4 inch to cool 1 600 so thisa 6 inch will be overkill.

  50. EastCoastChameleon says:

    I hear what your saying.my 4×4 runs at 72 degrees with 1 600 and a 4 inch fan cooling it. so i think i should be ok with the same hoods in this 4×8 and a 6 inch fan.My tent is in a cool basement so the temps down there help to cool everything nicely during lights on.