Indoor Marijuana Growing Setup – How to Grow Pot Seeds 15

What are the implications of medicinal marijuana ?
September 19, 2010
what are the medicinal marijuana laws in Washington state?
September 19, 2010
cannabiscultivate asked:

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  1. Andaroo64 says:

    nothing great about this plant…looks shit

  2. TROJENMAN25 says:

    keep growing you make me happy 420 1 more day

  3. romontbelk says:

    did all that come frome 1 seed

  4. bigmb28 says:

    theres prolly only a quarter bag on that plant

  5. 40NotreDameFan says:

    Quick question what are the husk lookin things and about how much weed would this be

  6. 045cg43hd518 says:

    It matters who the original author is considering whoever posted this is trying to advertise for a seed company lieing that he purchased seeds from it to grow the weed in the video, when really
    mystic001 grew the plants and didnt get the seeds from the advertised company… Just makes most people aware that this seed company is shit if theyre stooping so low to steal amatuer videos..

  7. subgraf says:

    Some of those larger fan leaves should have been pruned to allow light to reach the lower flowering nodes. Just my opinion. I would have probably also ‘lollipopped’ the plant.

  8. barrius1234 says:

    No one gives a shit who the original author is

  9. CONCUSSION187 says:

    wel i knew i guess

  10. CONCUSSION187 says:

    thought it was a female

  11. IIIIIBuDIIIII says:


  12. 420DRweed says:

    ho long it take to grow that tall sen me a meseges