What are the implications of medicinal marijuana ?

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September 19, 2010
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Medicinal Marijuana
Fuzzy asked:

I have to write a report on the ethical,social, environmental and economic implications of legalising marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Really stuck, anyone got some suggestions.

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  1. Anna Nonamous says:

    Well your going to have to present both sides of the issue in order for your report to be well rounded, I guess. The pros as well as cons. I don’t know what side is a good side to start on.

    How about the fact that many patients suffer very harsh side effects from current treatments & pharmaceuticals that just are not present in cannabis. Also cannabis relieves alot of discomfort for them from pain, loss of appetite, & nausea. There are many articles that you can look up that will give you more accurate information.

    Many states have already passed the medical marijuana bill. You could focus on how the doctors that are pro cannabis are viewed in their medical community. And maybe the politicians also.

    And economically, how many jobs were created in these states, with staffing dispensaries and growers (caregivers). Also, what is the effect on the schools. And crime rate.

    Also there is the issue of law enforcement – how to keep it out of the hands (and lungs) of people that it was not prescribed for. Is there a tax issue??

    Man, this is gonna be a tough one, youve got alot of homework to do. Good luck.