Hermaphrodite marijuana growing 1.5 months old


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juniorgut1 asked:

planted this one on april 20th , 2009 marijuana plant young hermaphrodite has both female pistils (white hairs) and male flowers, this is my first time growing ganja weed pot grass bomb chronic the cure but i’m still going to grow this to see what happens maybe next time will produce a pure female.late vegetative state preflower. Force flowering is also done with this plant the smaller plant is in a patch with strawberries. hopefully this one is a pure female. both were started from a seed. Stay posted : Update Part 2 Coming Soon

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  1. strongarmeric on

    Wow Hermaphrodite plants are very hard to manage in the ways of keeping it female and making sure that the thing doesn’t fertilize itself, also don’t think i have really ever seen one up close i know that Malowi Gold from Northern Africa has alot of that run through the strains, and even in south Africa there is alot of that because of the low tec grown methods the locals use, not saying that they don’t know what they are saying……

  2. juniorgut1 on

    @matprithellodave you don’t know shit if your so naive to believe that,, ahhaha chemicals…..i know you can use them but it’s not necessary, there’s gibberalic acid, colodial silver, and others but you can achieve the same thing with light stress. you should do some research on the subject.

  3. juniorgut1 on

    @true47soldiers if you have a hermaphrodite plant you can get the plants pollen and cross it with a female, you will be able to get feminized seeds.

  4. true47soldiers on

    so as soon as a couple seed start popping up..you should cut down the plant to keep a couple seeds and smoke watever bud is left…or is it better to just leave it as it is?

  5. juniorgut1 on

    @true47soldiers yeah but once it started to seed, it stopped bud production, and just focused making seeds. so i just killed it off, grew some of the`seeds, the “bonsai” i have came from that seeded hermaphrodite.

  6. juniorgut1 on

    @DanielDumile kool, i saved some of the seeds, and grew one, it was female, and the rest i just gave away.

  7. juniorgut1 on

    @Grassy1990 you can do that, but i just clone the females, but if i would do that i might collect a pollen sample from the biggest and most healthy looking one and kill it off, then just pollinate one plant in the late flowering cycle. and to me having seeds is inferior,i prefer sensimilla (without seeds)

  8. Grassy1990 on

    @juniorgut1 yeah but you want seeds yto start a new batch so why not pollinate the females get a bunch off seed nd smke the bud and grow a new batch next yr

  9. juniorgut1 on

    @cgiruzzi not really unless you want a lot of seeds,i took out the pollen sacks but they still grow everywhere else and eventually pollinate,then it makes its seeds and stops bud production . ultimately you will end up with more seed than bud,but you can still grow from the seeds it produces, and smoke whatever bud it had. i ended up killing this plant and started a new batch. you only want to grow females thats where all the bud is, the males pollinate them so they can produce seeds, not good!

  10. juniorgut1 on

    I used Fox Farms Ocean Forest® Potting Soil and i fed the plant with FLORANOVA GROW. i would’ve used FLORANOVA BLOOM®: if it was a female.

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