Growing Marijuana in California

Marijuana and Search Warrant?
October 1, 2010
Pot Bust!
October 1, 2010
wskroger asked:

Attorney Bill Kroger describes the law regarding Growing Marijuana in California if you are a valid medical marijuana patient


  1. rozz2656 says:

    i know how to stop the war on drugs? its called legalizing

  2. chrischris180 says:

    Yea there’s always a loop hole

  3. OrganicThumb420 says:

    the reason they allow you to veg more plants is because generally growers will choose the best plants in the vegetation stage to flower. not all make the cut.

  4. gootch420 says:

    what happens when the 12 baby plants grow up, does that change the 6 plant law to 12? I dont get that

  5. dasmushroomcult says:

    i just think its pretty crazy to make a naturally occurring plant illegal. thats how you know people are insane. it a beautiful plant that just happens to have certain effects when ingested…

  6. IIntruder says:

    People need to realize that we are all the same, and when people control other peoples lives based on what one does in their own private life is completely absurd. If the people want to smoke weed, then let them smoke, its their body its their life, ITS THEIR CHOICE!!
    Its sad that we have to fight to smoke weed and have to hide it in certain places.
    5 stars for weed

  7. czerwonymike says:

    is that bill nye the science guy?

  8. MysticGanjaMan420 says:

    @azrial4421 man you are so so so so so RIGHT i bet if we put a RPG and a 50 cal to obamas cabinet and himself our mary jane would be decriminalized like BOOM! Stoners unite its in the constitution RIGHT TO BARE ARMS!!

  9. HealingVibrations says:

    God made the herb for all people, its that simple.

  10. Brucy6666 says:

    I fucking hate the war on drugs
    – complete failure

    and im with you, its a frikking plant!! let the people decide! Its our world

  11. enigmaticmofo says:

    i always knew he blazed… haha

  12. KushKid44 says:

    i got a xxxogkush plant. look at my video!

  13. azrial4421 says:

    So insane you will be inprisoned for growing plants. This is everyones world, how dare anyone tell me i cant enjoy its fruits. The solution is violence, its what got rid of prohibition, action speaks louder than words.

  14. ArjanTheGunslinger says:

    just grow huge ass haze plants lol

  15. acsmashing says:

    Bill Nye the Science Guy!

  16. tdbone16 says:

    senate bill 420 dumbfux

  17. jackbond64 says:

    your a hostel motherfucker

  18. treybaucum says:

    senate bill 420

  19. hazeydaze420 says:

    he said sb420 asshole …. state bill 420

  20. metalguitaristpunk says:

    He said something 420??