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What are they blood testing before gastric bypass/ any surgery?
September 26, 2010
do you think that the medicinal marijuana law for Arizona will be passed despite a recent Immigration Law?
September 26, 2010
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  1. fabrilolko says:

    O melhor kunk q ja fumei na vida !

  2. HelluvaRedd100 says:

    This was a waste of time…

  3. IVIoNsTa360gaming says:

    thanks for telling u how to roll a blunt

  4. dudewithacoolguitar says:

    dude thats how my shit looks like 0.o

  5. sibrokende says:

    God damn that looks tasty.

  6. BonGsnBLuNTz says:

    Why do blunts burn down so fast?

  7. CMFKMOB says:

    thats some sexy ass weed

  8. eminemfan4lifefoolz says:

    i want that gucci bud 😀 . OMG

  9. 9999fenix says:

    Crystals O_O

  10. mar400071 says:

    @E13m3n7yeh thats kush not dank

  11. Heyguyswasup says:

    i got white hairs on my shit

  12. WeaDaSwell says:

    SIKK make some more vids duuude

  13. twistdatpiff420 says:

    now dats da bomb bomb

  14. qabbi1373 says:

    thats weed crystals i wanna smokes that

  15. monterrosa13 says:

    uuuhhhhh…clean up on aisle 3 lol

  16. YupImDope says:

    @JesusCoronado801 +1 on this, same…

  17. ibaneziceman300 says:

    plz excuse me while i wipe the drool from my mouth XDD

  18. JesusCoronado801 says:

    I just came in my pants watchin this shit.

  19. samuelt5 says:

    omg i love these buds

  20. The13yoshii says:

    thats whats up

  21. gonitosmmz says:


  22. XBUGMANX says:

    neg, the more crystals the more dank 😀

  23. ctrackmonger says:

    Here in germany they bring weed from holland to hear they put very very fine sand in it to weigh it down that crackles and looks jus like that weed

  24. E13m3n7yeh says:

    Obviously dank, something you’ve never had the pleasue of smoking.

  25. elginpimp1234 says:

    its hairs and crystals that mean it some GOOD shit diorfe