What are they blood testing before gastric bypass/ any surgery?

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Nicole asked:

Before I have my gastric bypass surgery in March, the hospital told me they’re going to have to run a series of blood tests. I was wondering if anyone knows what these tests are for? And also, would the discovery of marijuana in my blood be reason for them to deny me the surgery? Would they even test for that? and please, be serious… no fat, pothead jokes. Thanks.

2 comments on “What are they blood testing before gastric bypass/ any surgery?

  1. Baa Baa on

    It’s just routine bloodwork for a complete blood count. I won’t go into listing them all. No, they won’t know if you smoked weed. They don’t check for THC.

  2. stagelady_99 on

    You have a full panel of blood tests done to check all your levels like for any surgery. They also need a baseline for your follow up blood tests. They are also at some hospitals monitoring Vitamin D levels pre and post bariatric surgery. I am one of those being monitored.

    I would not worry about the pot, but I would also discontinue the use of it. You should stop smoking anything for 6 weeks prior to the surgery, especially if it is going to be open and not laprascopic.

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