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Do you have to live in california to get medicinal marijuana? and if so what are the rules about getting it?
September 6, 2010
Do you think Medicinal Marijuana should be legal?
September 6, 2010
electricblue7 asked:

Just an ex police officers opinion on why marijuana is illegal. I’m very interested in what you guys think…


  1. GraiNsAw says:

    I wish the world could start to understand this, see the truth instead of being constantly told that marijuana is a bad thing… I’m telling people my history with alcohol instead, cuz alcohol can destroy a family. Marijuana kinda does the opposite…

  2. mp339 says:

    @mp339 Hopefully soon the majority will learn that we are fed B.S. in the partnership for drug free america ads and such and soon realize we need to change this. Cali will decide in november but Obama will continue to laugh about it until NORML and MPP can beat out the contributions from tobacco and alcohol. I just don’t understand how more people do not see this… it is right there for anyone to see.

  3. electricblue7 says:

    @titannews1 Yep…..your right about that!

  4. titannews1 says:

    Many people from the Government benefit with Marijuana being Illegal.

    Ex: The government itself, Police Dept, Border Customs, Prisions, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Bail Bonds, Lawyers, Doctors and the list goes on.