The Black Report 18: Black Women, HIV/AIDS, and Marriage

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September 16, 2010
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September 16, 2010
edofolks asked: – Black Women, HIV/AIDS, and Marriage. Is there a relationship between the high HIV/AIDS among Black Women and their low marriage rate? Please get “How to find a good wife” CD for just $10. (For Facebook, Google, & Youtube Advertising or Web Design: Contact ProductsAnalysis at 404-323-3571,, or


  1. edofolks says:

    @49jubilee That is how most women of today want it. A weak man who is good with his fingers and tongue (not penis) and has no common sense for easy control and manipulation. A man without a voice that does not even know his rights. A man who may not have had a father and is willing to do whatever the woman says. This is the new man that is so sweet, sensitive, and understands what women want, but will never be responsible enough to be a husband. sistas must see lover, husband, & farher as 1

  2. edofolks says:

    @49jubilee God bless you. We seriously got robbed. Sistas focus too much on career, school, income, and independence. They forget that they are almost nothing without a man with shares the same dreams for themselves. Sistas need to re-educate themselves on how to fall in love with men that have similar dreams and want toher husband (father of her children) rather than thugs just to prove her independence,

  3. 49jubilee says:

    @49jubilee I WISH people would think condoms are the answer for sex.. Condoms had a huge failure rate then, and they have now,; we wouldn’t have all of these birth control methods if condoms were the answer lastly,I think the HIV virus is the outcome of the sexual revolution that Kinsey and Hefner started. The 1960s started women to go around with the pill as protection.Im so tired of the ‘strong woman stereotype’ because it emasculates men of all colors.

  4. 49jubilee says:

    Black women would catch HIV from black men in prison on the DL (where did you think the ‘baggy pants’ look CAME FROM? PRISON!.) Sistas, keep away from dudes who are in and out of jail!! Its just horrible! another thing to make us black women look bad..oh, and I forgot, everyone pushes black women to get their education; AND DON’T PUSH THEIR MEN? we are women FIRST with dreams and thoughts that are female; the white radical feminists, could go back to their husbands–we just got robbed

  5. edofolks says:

    @s2dez Thanks.

  6. s2dez says:

    very well said

  7. edofolks says:

    @TechKnowStudio Everyone must use protection.

  8. edofolks says:

    @Kathryn5899 You are so funny.

  9. edofolks says:

    @tammy1ize Thanks for watching

  10. tammy1ize says:

    So sad but true!

  11. Kathryn5899 says:

    You Lust for Large Black Bitches! Taste them @ utubeblack . com 😀

  12. TechKnowStudio says:

    I’ve been telling black women that white men aren’t coming to date them when the news says bw have most of the HIV/AIDS of all races of women. Asian men are now getting HIV from black women.