Uncle Teaching 2 & 5-Year-Old Nephews to Smoke Pot

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September 16, 2010
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September 16, 2010

WATAUGA, Texas — A 17-year-old faces a felony charge of injury to a child after police found a videotape that appears to show him and another man teaching his 2- and 5-year-old nephews to smoke marijuana, police said. The video shows two children being taught to smoke marijuana and the men encouraging them to “get high,” police said. A man can be seen placing a marijuana cigarette into a baby’s mouth and, in another part of the video, a different boy is shown smoking on his own. “The video contains disturbing images of the young children being badgered into smoking a marijuana cigar, commonly referred to as a ‘blunt,”‘ according to a release from the Watauga Department of Public Safety. The bail for Demetris McCoy, 17, was set at $150000. He remained in jail Friday night, police said. Police found the video Feb. 22 while investigating McCoy and Vanswan Polty, 18, in connection with some area burglaries. Polty faces burglary charges and is free on $22000 bail, according to court records. The children have been in the custody of Child Protective Services since last week, a spokeswoman said.


  1. GodinSDXTguitars says:

    Little kids must be so fun to get stoned with.

  2. jaimegriffin says:

    1:50 “yuh be guh dah munsheez yall wan me teek yall tu da sto n giz yall fibe dolla apeez?”

  3. MrJustletmeseeit says:

    at least he wasn’t giving the kids alcohol…

    Weed is fine, these adults are not

  4. MrBongtoken420 says:

    @idkwtf234 exactely:)… YES ON PROP 19!!!

  5. mickgepford says:

    its alright to smoke but not to force little kids to smoke dumb fucking niggers

  6. TheSlayerOfTheGods says:

    Lol they keep smoking it, that makes it a little less bad I think. Obviously kids shouldn’t smoke but I’m sure they’ll be fine.

  7. idkwtf234 says:

    because society is stupid. its socially acceptable to smoke cigarettes, even though they’re proven to be more dangerous. weed is only acceptable to those who smoke it, and those who deal it, the rest of the country is just basking in biased lies.

  8. idkwtf234 says:

    yeah, thats why weed is better for you 🙂

  9. idkwtf234 says:

    this is funny as hell XD

  10. MrBongtoken420 says:

    @powner1902 okay well thats just the short term effects of it, long term is they get addicted, beome crack babies and die of cancer 🙁

  11. powner1902 says:

    @MrBongtoken420 cigs are still better because it doesnt affect their brain or their judgment , with a cig they would just cough and get a little dizzy..

  12. I203r says:


  13. lolomg69aids says:

    damn i thought i was badass when i smoked for the first time at 8

  14. nickiefell says:

    this is more sad then bieber

  15. MrWeedshow says:

    wtf our weed community knows better

  16. iarcheese says:

    @videoluvr4204 fuck you “onleh adaaalts shood shmoke eiiit”,i started smokin when i was twelve,its illegal no matter what age you are

  17. pissingpeopleoff109 says:

    that’s fucking ridiculous.

  18. TheBillbirk says:

    People are in much more uproar about this than the cigarette smoking baby. Why?

  19. MeetTheMaggot says:

    Who’s gona believe these two young kids when they are older when they say ” yea ive smoked weed, got high for the first time when i was 2″!

  20. MrBongtoken420 says:

    @powner1902 lol dude im just saying if they are going to be smoking no matter what might as well be weed and not cigs right?

  21. MrBongtoken420 says:

    @66jesko of course they are teenagers…? dont you mean of course they are black lol

  22. Alexgdmatthew says:

    damn that shit is weak,i thought getting my friends dog high was weak but a 5year old ha

  23. powner1902 says:

    @MrBongtoken420 u are fucking retarded and no one will aggree with you..

  24. JonJonIII says:

    Fuck you racist

  25. 66jesko says:

    @rossyt96 haha he be like, you got the munchies, chew on my cum sucka