Second trooper suspended for roadside cavity search in Texas – 2 women to Sue

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March 25, 2013
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March 25, 2013

Second trooper suspended for roadside cavity search in Texas - 2 women to SueA second Texas State trooper has been suspended without pay for being involved in a roadside cavity search that subjected two women to humiliating searches o…


  1. Riverview Florida says:

    Educate the police!

  2. thelandsix says:

    kill the cops

  3. cdem72 says:

    Wow, anus first then vagina, illegal and unhygenic! Should have been charged with assault!

  4. john davis says:

    look like rape to me.If i do that shit i would be in prison.DEATH TO THE US GOVERMENT!!!

  5. tmpnsane says:

    That was the most vile and horrendous video I have ever seen. I am actually surprised that the police car video was released.The detaining Officer actually thought “I smell marijuana” was enough to pull a cavity search is disturbing,The female officer was a rapist.Nothing more or less.No regard for innocent till proven guilty and then sexually violate these two women.Then as always if you try to complain you get bullied.I would like to see those officer’s drug tests oh wait we don’t test polce

  6. MrJusticeeverywhere says:

    In the complete video (not shown on the news) the woman complains of being violated to the detaining officer right after being searched. Blatant violation of rights, nothing short of aggrievated assault, possily rape. The police woman search anal first then vagina and did not change gloves between searches. Complete carlessness and incompetence by the police. And besides, how much marijuana were they really going to find? It’s marijuana for goodness sake! Do we still arrest citizens for that?

  7. tailpost says:

    NO, what is SIGNIFICANT is the police department threatened to file charges later IF THEY COMPLAINED!!! Fire all the fuckers!!!

  8. itsreallyme5 says:

    yes it is outrageous….

  9. tailpost says:

    Define ‘suspended’. It’s a joke, because it’s probably WITH pay until/if the cops are charged…which they may not be!

  10. Grim Reafer says:

    I know what the troopers did was wrong. Would never have happened if they didn’t litter
    (if they did).

  11. Jim Muir says:

    Its Times like this that i wish i was a Police officer.

  12. harry smith says:

    This sort of thing happens every day

  13. Jake Reuben says:

    i dont know the law but im sure glad someone that does got involved and i hope the woman win their case. i also feel there should be no tolerance for officers who go above the law and violate rights. they should also be fired not just suspended. law enforcement agaencies either need to hire more qualified and edgucated officers or must do a far better job of training them in the scope of their duties.

  14. JOHN HEALY says:


  15. wallywada says:

    Seig Heil to the gruppenfuhrer ! Aren’t when I was in Texas, most people were
    facists morons. 

  16. ukejuke100 says:

    aka a free vacation

  17. Lykster1 says:

    God bless America

  18. whisperingpaddle says:

    So in America you can stop women late at night on a lonely road and do a full strip search for simply “Its because someone’s a daily smoker in the car over there. You can attribute it to that” (so it’s all their fault?). Anyone had fathers or grandfathers who fought in 2 world wars that were (gasp!) smokers? They offered their lives so jack-booted fascists could not arbitrarily stop people and demand papers and subject them to invasive sexual violations. Can I finger a cop’s asshole who smokes?

  19. tellmesomething2go says:


  20. shymaury says:

    Sue they ass!

  21. JoJo Sherwood says:

    The police don’t need educated, they need sued! They need to be thrown in prison and abuse of power by a state representative should be LIFE, and in some cases death penalty

  22. djbenacio says:

    U cant educate the police. Do u actually think that those cops didnt know that what they were doing was wrong? I keep telling u people to NEVER EVER EVER TRUST COPS! They will throw u under the bus to save their own asses! U heard what those ladies where told when they went to file a complaint! The video camera is ur best weapon to level the playing field. I believe EVERYONE needs to have a video camera mounted in their car, on their phone, and another hidden on ur person.

  23. Jose Montoya says:

    That feel so good when pigs are out of their jobs for reckless behavior



  25. BiggerFatterBlog says:


  26. MiClLC says:

    Theres only one way to make it stop. You ready to fry up some bacon?

  27. erictheawful69 says:

    He was referring to daily marijuana smoking in the car, as to why he was able to detect the odor and why the search was conducted. I saw a later news interview with the two women and they stated that the trooper felt down the front and back of the inside of their pants, the trooper did not penetrate their bodies. I believe this story has been sensationalized by the press instead of relaying the facts!

  28. oceantraveller11 says:

    Until cops break this code of silence and decide to get rid of the lunatics in uniform, stop covering up blatant crimes against innocent people and begin to act like public servants, the public will continue to recognize them for the criminals they are.

  29. sbfusey says:

    Lol..i hear ya…people on here always run with the first thing they hear. They both looked like skanks to me.

  30. Therealmensa says:

    What is significant here is that even the poster is giving the female officer a pass on what she did, calling it “touching”. If a civilian male had touched those women in similar fashion, he would be looking at life imprisonment. Yet, there will be some who would defend this officer because she was following some LE policy that goes way outside constitutional authority to invade someone’s privacy or to be safe in themselves and their property. Even litigation doesn’t stop them. Time to fry bacon

  31. mileyondisney says:

    Hooker just upset that she didn’t get paid for this trick. I hope the cop washed her hands well afterward.

  32. itsreallyme5 says:

    Let’s Hope so..

  33. itsreallyme5 says:

    I agree with you there, total disgrace…

  34. itsreallyme5 says:

    really..How horrible..

  35. OneVoiceMore says:

    Glad to see it. I watched the first video, and all too often, no follow-up occurs.
    Goodbye to bad cops.

  36. vinegaroon1 says:

    This dieseldyke is in the wrong business. She needs to join the TSA!

  37. mastershake2021 says:

    Suspended with pay most likely.

  38. nasis18 says:

    Thank god for the local media at least.

  39. CockpumpVideo says:

    this is another example of what happens in a police state…

  40. Therealmensa says:


  41. tailpost says:


  42. JoJo Sherwood says:

    I give both women props for pursuing legal action against these pigs who abuse power and take away our rights. More ppl need to sue! This needs to stop! Abuse of power by the police or any state official for that matter should be life in prison!

  43. itsreallyme5 says:

    yes me too…:0((

  44. itsreallyme5 says:

    Yes it is

  45. itsreallyme5 says:

    may I ask why>

  46. 1871941 says:

    publishing an officers phone number and/or address is not in itself a threat or serious expression of an intent to commit an unlawful act of violence. ….if anyone cares to know that 🙂

  47. Stoney Browning says:

    Then its time it STOPPED!!!

  48. budlife74 says:

    Long live Chris Doner….. wish he would have did more damage to these fucken pigs that think they are the law…. Doner part 2 coming soon

  49. Ninja Flash says:

    I’m going to tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a man who had a dog, I’d see them all the time walking down the street, and one day the man started hitting the dog for no apparent reason. This went on for a couple of month , until one day I saw the dog without the man. I later found out from my neighbour that she saw him hitting the dog and then all of a sudden the dog turned, and took a couple of chunks out of the guys arm. Th

  50. MrTdw1954 says:

    This is the tip of the iceburg, ask any defense attorney. And the suspended cops, if they end up losing their jobs they just go to work for some corrupt small town police department where they get away with even worse.