Chris O’Dowd’s Masculinity Overpowered Megan Fox – CONAN on TBS

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March 25, 2013
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March 25, 2013

Chris O'Dowd's Masculinity Overpowered Megan Fox - CONAN on TBSFor a poolside scene, Chris made sure to wear the tightest trunks possible to batten down his manhood. More CONAN @


  1. jShazBOT says:

    Well a boring person to interview.

  2. Manlymommy says:

    Wow.. you must’ve known her so well, and she’ve hurt u so bad to say this! You’re very lucky to know her.. but it’s weird that ur stabbing her behind her back! hmm.. Weird world…

  3. Ali Alsuhail says:

    @phnmpxw Yeah this site is just giving out comletely free Black Apple iPad 4’s for today only. But you have to be from the U.S though but it is legit, I claimed mine just before. Better hurry up!

  4. M Tz says:

    The cop from Bridesmaids..? <3

  5. Denzel Washington says:

    Wtf? It’s just Irish…

  6. JurassicRaptor95 says:

    Line from IT crowd

  7. violetsnotviolence says:

    Most definitely. The American version, from what I saw, was abysmal.

  8. Callum Friedman says:

    Do Americans watch the IT crowd? (The original)

  9. reallyrox says:

    WHAT IS CHRIS TALKING ABOUT, in that scene I really had all eyes on him. Screw Megan man she doesn’t act well unless she combs hat back or trying to look sudective WHICH IS IN EVERY FIL

  10. lincris10 says:

    Conan: “I don’t know what you’re talking about” lol

  11. moosikerin says:

    American here: absolutely!

  12. blakdeath29 says:


  13. Joshua Sung says:

    They didn’t even show the fucking scene from the movie! -__-

  14. Karthic Durai says:

    Loved the IT Crowd. I miss it already.

  15. Anuskasv0 says:

    One of the best Conan guests.

  16. circasurvive04 says:

    hahahaha hes funny on his own but his fucken accent just makes everythign he says ten times funnier lmao

  17. TheSWATmanjack says:

    holy balls. It`s roy!

  18. HeyImSiim says:

    Have you tried forcing an unexpected reboot?

  19. Sean Edsall says:

    I hope nobody forgets this guy is from Pirate Radio!

  20. cmcmulla says:

    west Irish.

  21. xxbrkdwnxx says:

    Megan Fox is too much of a self indulgent cunt to be “beautiful”

  22. Shane Hallam says:

    Conan knows how to play ball. Awesome bit work.

  23. Tom Clancy says:

    If that is true, then all I can say is wow! Maybe we also should make him look fatter to fit the American people better.

  24. Maso5 says:

    Hell yeah I do. It’s hilarious.

  25. eghed8 says:

    They’ll have told him to do the accent and to speak slowly so that everyone can understand him. You can see him really concentrating on it. It’s so weird to watch.

  26. UkPounda says:


  27. OddOneOut665 says:

    Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, takes away Ron MOTHERFUCKING Swanson from his seat! You will pay for this, Forever Guest!!!!

  28. Sherwin Estrada says:

    i miss it crowd so much

  29. walterreally says:

    Spoiler Alert Conan! Don’t tell us important scenes from the movie!

  30. Alessia P. says:

    he’s hilarious!

  31. jesscaused says:

    I LOVE CHRIS FROM “The IT Crowd!!!!!”

  32. BritishTophatz says:

    well then shove it up your arse oh hi mom

  33. xohillary says:

    Ugh I looooove him.

  34. kjersten anderson says:

    I most certainly do. 🙂 love him!

  35. DandeB88 says:

    His tan seems to be localised to his face.

  36. joe123090 says:

    wow i never seen conan feel so awkward

  37. rinnin says:

    Lose the fake accent Chris!

  38. xxbrkdwnxx says:

    Michael Bay fired her cause she was a bitch. she’s a bitch. she exudes bitchiness. problem?

  39. NSLikeableHuman says:

    How come Conan didn’t mention Chris’ most famous role?!

  40. UG3TPWND says:

    I wont watch that damn movie solely because the opening line was “Totes cray I’m a blogger too”.

  41. Joseph Fuda says:

    That was a pretty awkward Guinness commercial.

  42. yourdaddy661 says:


  43. reallyrox says:

    Okay fuck comments, it’s making me post half comments

  44. WEAREANIMALS says:

    so good

  45. T27Blue says:

    His accent is so weird its like stuck between american, irish and australian

  46. reallyrox says:

    Megan fix is meh whatever I see her in a film I kinda lose respect for it. But I honestly didn’t know she was in this Gil

  47. kibijit says:

    He’s got a tan.

    He’s meant to be Roy. The guy from IT.

    I don’t like it what’s going on

  48. Alex Summerbell says:

    Well Said Denzel Wahington…

  49. funkyfrash says:

    What is his accent?

  50. CommonSenseINDUST says:

    ew he is growing an american accent.