Person Steals Cop Car

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September 4, 2010
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September 4, 2010
bg123ss asked:

This person steals a cop car with a shotgun in it


  1. isurfvan says:

    @Vietboy1st i know right

  2. Vietboy1st says:

    @isurfvan wow look another retard trying to be cool on youtube.. lol

  3. Vietboy1st says:

    man i would pull that bitch out and slam her face and body on the ground.

  4. isurfvan says:

    hahah,….if you steel a cops car all you get is a theft penalty…fuck i was only in for a year

  5. FlameSnipe says:

    owned bitch

  6. bg123ss says:

    Please rate my vids!!! Thank you.