How to not get caught growing marijuana in the house?

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September 4, 2010
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September 4, 2010
Marijuana Growing
aaron.odonahue asked:

Note: Married 25 male home owner currently in Iraq.


  1. wallhugger nightmare says:

    have cool neighbors….use generator for the lights…….so electric use isnt spotted.uhhhh…….how old r u?

  2. The Plant Doctor says:

    Don’t grow it in the 1st place

  3. MATTHEW B says:

    I have this old retired man who lives next door to me and nightly he’s outside smoking the ganja.

    Bastard won’t even share. 🙁

  4. Leasa L says:

    don’t grow it…then you don’t have to worry about getting “caught”.

  5. dimplez says:

    You can try to hide, but everything comes to surface at one point or another. It’s always better to stay away from all that stuff.

  6. DEMO W/GUN says:

    THIS is how you get caught growing marijuana in the house of a married, 25 male, home owner, currently in Iraq.

  7. theBomb says:

    If you buy a generator and grow lights and foil the walls, the cops are totally going to notice. I would not put it in my house at all, try an empty bit of land out in the boonies. Just watch out for bears.