Marijuana bust – over 50 pounds

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LEMMlNGSmaster asked:

A driver is caught with over 50 poounds of marijuana while getting a speeding ticket.

21 comments on “Marijuana bust – over 50 pounds

  1. TheCowboy277 on

    that guy was so stupid for driving that late with weed…stick to daylight and drive the speed limit the whole way…..

  2. arch571332 on

    Yes aren’t we glad the the police got all that harmful cannabis off the streets, what heros! (sarcastic)

  3. oglilp2fo on

    No. It was legal. Once the dog alerted to the scent from outside of the car, they can search.

    The bad part is that the cop can always say the dog alerted on a scent when he never did…. It happened to me. 1 1/2 hrs. latter with my car torn apart, “you can go”… My car now rattles from panels they took off!

    Don’t talk to cops, you’ll get Swine disease!~

  4. GodlyVayne on

    haha for sure. isnt that illegal search and seizure though? it didnt show the guy allowing them to search the back of the car. my sister got caught with some bud but the charges got dropped cause the cops searched the house without a warrant.

  5. LosAngelesFresh1 on

    Have you seen that other video where this dude gets caught with trash bags full of weed and he starts crying to God to help him lol ?

  6. LosAngelesFresh1 on

    Even if it was bud dropped down form Jesus himself 55 pounds wouldn’t be half a mill.

    The media always blows shit out of proportion, the most that shit could’ve been worth was 150 – 200,000$

  7. LosAngelesFresh1 on

    Damn and I thought I was scared when I get simple posession tickets omg.

    I wonder what that dude was thinking as soon as he saw that cop car behind him, id’ve had a heart attack

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