Maine Marijuana Bust Sept 23 2009 follow-up 2

Why does Uncle Sam lock people up for having a little marijuana on them but they let cold blooded murderers?
September 20, 2010
Marijuana bust – over 50 pounds
September 20, 2010
pissedoffpothead asked:

Maine Marijuana Bust Sept 23 2009 follow-up 2


  1. MetalPower86 says:

    fuck the police, marijuana should be LEGAL, fuck this bullshit

  2. 420Cannabis says:

    haha why was there a needle in front of the pot leaf in the background?

  3. fedtheend says:

    One word. Bouncing betty.

  4. imbluntednigguh says:

    fuck cops… if a cop ever told me he didnt smoke weed when he was a teenager i would tell him he is a LOSER! haha fuck cops my nigga im so high right now i might go kill a couple.. tacoma wa cop killa we bringin da fire bak to your hood

  5. martyismartyr says:

    Evidence my ass! The cops are gonna be hot boxin their cruisers!

  6. pissedoffpothead says:

    @kyledrums Prolific !

  7. kyledrums says:

    @pissedoffpothead really? I live in ME have not heard about this. pretty sweet.

  8. fuzznuts16 says:

    @templerh3 no they should be enslaved and work off the damage they did to the plants

  9. templerh3 says:

    for every plant pulled up a Maine cop should be fired and forced to go find a real job like everyone else.

  10. Alwaysfly420 says:


  11. MrDionysos23 says:

    saved asa evidence

  12. LoserBo1 says:

    @pissedoffpothead lol yea the first one on the scene was like. “Hey Bob, I need back up. and bring as much donuts and munchies as you can.”

  13. pissedoffpothead says:

    @SisOwnz not working out so well is it? There is a new initiative to watch for this summer. Complete legalization without legislative intervention.

  14. E420e92 says:

    thats some fuckin bullshit. evidence my ass these motha fuckas are takin pounds home and blazin this “high quality” bud. LEGALIZE 4:20

  15. TheThroatCut says:

    …first picture is pills, and Heroin, (and a tiny leav)

  16. Adrenalin3Ru5h says:

    ohhhhhh “Very high quality ehh? IM with the guy below me.

  17. xmikeox says:

    ooo, all plants will be saved as “EVIDENCE” wink wink 1:04

  18. SisOwnz says:

    November 3rd 2009 Maine citizens will finally have the chance to vote allowing Maine to have dispensaries. Vote Yes on Question 5! Please take the time to do this on Nov 3rd, we need A LOT of votes….the people need us, they are in pain and are in need of legal ways to obtain this LEGAL prescription!

  19. pissedoffpothead says:

    You sure they did not call for donuts?

  20. downlowfunk says:

    Over Heard in the field “Hey Chopper dude. Bring back some burger king, we are HUNGRY!!!.”