Marijuana bust

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Marijuana bust

7 comments on “Marijuana bust


    Well i smoke weed all the time, but America must be a bunch of morons, for weed is not legal yet…. Yet…

  2. gorillatrail on

    tell the people the truth !! that was nothing but some hemp no value , no drug !! A PLANT like every other plant it grows cause it was put on this earth to grow… stop with the propaganda you really think america is full of a bunch of morons huh not soo much.

  3. CoDSh00ter on

    What a bunch of SHIT!! The Plants are Dangerous. Oh They are boobie trapped. Bull Shit no one would do such a thing.

  4. Arejek on

    yeah, there is absolutely no thc in those plants, but just in case, better not let the children near em’… might make them develop into hippies! Gawd, this is sad blatant propaganda!

  5. plank0wner on

    LOL it’s ditch weed! HEMP you idiots! No one can get high off of it. Value $0.00 I live in Indiana, and it grows wild around where I live. It’s from way back when, when they used to grow hemp, and now it grows wild. They try to kill it, but it keeps coming back every year. I’ve seen the seed pods, they’re huge, with pounds of seeds on each. I can’t help but wonder why it’s still illegal, when the oil from those seeds can be useful, and the fibers can be made into thousands of products.

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