Why would anyone reject the idea of medicinal marijuana?

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September 1, 2010
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September 1, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
JoeyleeC. asked:

So there’s a 9 year old boy with cancer. Every few months he has to go to the hospital to get chemo, afterwards he’s sick for days and can’t eat. His mother could never find aid for him decided to let him smoke a joint before treatment. After his treatment is over he hops off the table and asks if he can go to get a sub sandwich.

Why would anyone deny him that?
Or anyone else with a medical problem?
It has less side effects than most all drugs, so what’s the problem.

So if anyone is against medical marijuana please give me an answer as to why


  1. kangaroo girl says:

    sounds like an ethical pickle to me.

  2. penis_bling says:

    i am with it all the way..i mean heck if its doin good then go for it…..

  3. K.P Holiday says:

    The answer to this question is dynamic and political. Simply put, the diversity of cannibus’s medicinal affects are such a multitude that the pharmacuetical companies (the #2 lobbying power on capital hill) would lose their ass. Not only does it treat a variety of ailments from cancer to anxiety, but it requires nearly no investment to produce…so why not don’t they produce it? Because the if it was legal Id just grow it or buy it locally, they could never monopolize it. Interestingly enough, if look back through history, it is a fact that the cannibus plant is the most resilient of all plant life! It can grow in almost any environment, desite huge differences of seasons’ light exposure, tempreture, and water. This is because humans carried it with them as they spread around the plant nomadically throughout time. Cannibus is extremely practical, in fact the hemp was used to make so many different everyday products like canvas, rope, and clothing, that during the European colonization of the West in 1700’s it was actually law that farmers in the days of Thomas Jefferson, including himself, were required to appropriate 1/3 of their land to growing cannibus in order to provide the necessary material for the flourishment of the country and soldiers of war. It was not until a company named Dupont (sp) came along and invented a material known as plastic to compete with the natural cannibus. Of course it was not viable because plastic (especially initially) cost too much to produce. Hence, cannibus was mandated illegal in order to subjegate that need. Those who smoked were conviently and systematically scapegoated to perpetuate a class system in America (i.e Mexican Americans, Pagans, anyone contrasting the status quo) This Is A FACT thats why the supreme court found it unconstitutional in the 60’s, thanks to the writ of man named Leary (yeah the crazy LSD dr. from harvard). At that time the srug schedules were created, and marijuana was placed as a schedule 1 drug along with cocaine and herione, further chastizing it and serving the needs of the prevailing pharmacuetical lobbyist and pathetic jeudo-christian dogma…. so yeah suffer of cancer until death but smoke that plant, or even eat it and you ll get sent to San quetin

  4. Jimmy says:

    I wouldn’t be against it, and actually, there are some other drugs that probably should be recatagorized from schedule 1 to schedule 2 on the controlled substances act, making them able to be legally prescribed.

    Its actually kinda funny in a way, that many thing marijuana is one of the least dangerous drugs, but, when you look at like a normal drug test, they normally test for 5 things, marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines (including meth) and PCP. When you look at that list, the only technically illegal one is marijuana (though marinol, a synthetic form of thc, is schedule 3). All of the others actually have legal medical prescription status, as cocaine can be used as topical anaestetic in nasal or eye surgeries. Opiates are all generally prescribed at one time or another for pain, and while diamorphine (heroin) is illegal in the US, there are some countries that still use it as a potent painkiller. Amphetamines and meth are common drugs for ADD/ADHD. Drugs like Ritalin are very similar to amphetamines, Adderall is an amphetamine, and Desoxyn is the prescription name for meth. PCP is used as a dissociative anaestetic at times. And a lot seem like they can be worse than marijuana.

    Although, if you think that marijuana should be able to be used in medicine, I would say that marinol is fairly close, as it was made to be able to mimic the effects of marijuana. On the other hand, there probably could be other ways, legally, around it, as the DEA simply says that schedule 1 drugs are illegal for non-research purposes, meaning, if someone who is in pain can find a clinical trial or study going on about the effects of marijuana on pain, they can get it legally. There are many studies being done now with psychadelics, like lsd, mdma and psilocybin, all schedule 1 narcotics, and all showing promise in areas from mental health to pain relief (example, psilocybin…. aka shrooms, can treat cluster headaches.)