Drug bust – Over 20 pounds of marijuana

Outdoor Marijuana Plant?
September 10, 2010
I just tried smoking this fake marijuana called “redXDewn Spark 20 Special Crop” is this bad for you?
September 10, 2010
LEMMlNGSmaster asked:

Drug bust – Over 20 pounds of marijuana


  1. FourEyesBlueSkies says:

    @BloodyPooProductions This is exactly why we want to legalize: because we agree. If we could grow legally in the states, we wouldnt have drug wars and fuckin murders over pot. You’ve obviously never toked, you’re obviously stereotyping, and obviously haven’t done your research. Get over yourself.

  2. 560287144602817 says:

    cigarettes and alcohol cause more deaths than any illicit drug.

  3. PhuckAllYouPeople says:


    People have killed people over it ONLY BECAUSE its illegal.

    When its illegal gangs and cartels profit, and gangs and cartels happen to be some pretty damn violent people.

    If drugs where legally regulated gangs and cartels would be 100% eliminated, and are economy would be the best in the world.

    Over 70 billion is spent USELESSLY TRYING to incarcerate millions of drug users for a victimless crime, and if it was legal, the tax revenue would be HUGE.

  4. a10fjet says:

    I hate having to drive when i’m stoned. Ppl say it doesnt affect you but honestly it definitely affects me… Also, kudos to that officer for not being a total dick. Not everyday you can say that about cops…

  5. 420Cannabis says:

    @BloodyPooProductions Whose fault is that? The people who smoke it or the people who made it illegal so the cartels can make money off of it?

  6. BloodyPooProductions says:

    Mexican Drug Lords have killed thousands of civilians because of their fuckin cocaine and marijuana. If so many people have to die just so some fuckin bob marley fan can have a good time I don’t think it’s that great of a “herb.”

  7. BloodyPooProductions says:

    @trippyourselfout stfu fuckin pot head. people have killed people over this “herb.”

  8. XxStonedKillerxX says:

    @danglez Fuckin A !

  9. damonkey556ALT says:

    yep busting a guy for having weed i bet not far from there someone was getting raped or murdered stupid fuckin pigs

  10. damonkey556ALT says:

    yep busting a guy for having weed i bet not far from there someone was getting raped or mudered stupid fuckin pigs

  11. mdcombs79 says:

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  12. MyRangeOwnsYou says:


    Are you fucking stupid?

    You obviously have shit for brains. You have NO idea what you’re talking. Go fucking play in traffic idiot.

  13. hotboy1990 says:

    i seen more than 500 with my two own eyes

  14. danglez says:

    You shouldn’t get arrested for having that much weed, you should be applauded.

  15. pseudothingie says:

    well fuck you pigs im smoking no matter how much you bust. pointless war on drugs.

  16. Flamingcita001 says:

    @Doobie1975 its all about politics man free thought and mind < dictatorship in this world bro.

  17. Flamingcita001 says:

    dealing with him alone could be dangerous, wow….

  18. punjabikid111 says:

    i woulda took em on a chase

  19. acedrawer19 says:

    irrational idiot…

  20. gungasc says:

    @trippyourselfout just like cocaine.

  21. MrCarolinaMuzik says:

    the officer committed a crime when he stalled him, wtf?? bad luck for dude tho

  22. Doobie1975 says:

    @rs039039 it angers me that this man is being sent to prison cause of the evil, corrupted government, hopefully God will compensate this guy and punish the evil, corrupted government for making marijuana illegal

  23. Doobie1975 says:

    I think it’s bullshit and very corruptive that marijuana is illegal and alcohol (which is a million times worse than marijuana) isn’t illegal, the world would be a better place if marijuana is legalized and taxed.

  24. blueshadoe says:

    The sad thing is many cops take the drugs for themselves.