I just tried smoking this fake marijuana called “redXDewn Spark 20 Special Crop” is this bad for you?

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September 10, 2010
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September 10, 2010
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Lisa asked:

It got me and my boyfriend high just like regular marijuana, and it did taste different. But it does say on the back “To be used for aromatherapy incense only”. These are the ingredients: Damiana, Colt’s Foot, Mugwort, Lion’s Tail, Mullein, Blue Lotus, red Clover, Siberian Motherwort, Vanilla, & Honey. Is this suppose to be a joke?


  1. jay says:

    why does it matter? you still got high right?

  2. thinker says:

    I’m proud to say I’m drug-free (I’ve NEVER used).

  3. Harry Ball says:

    “To be used for aromatherapy incense only”

    It says that so the government doesn’t make it illegal. Smoke is bad for you regardless of where it comes from. That doesn’t stop me from smoking weed though.

  4. your secret lover says:

    stick to the natural herbs

  5. Wish I was boredDude94 says:

    I don’t know but I seriously doubt it got you high like regular weed. If it did then you must not get very good weed in your area.
    people judge “dope heads” yet can’t correctly spell the word “losers”.

  6. Telulater says:

    Dope heads are LOOSERS!

  7. ChaoticsRequiem says:

    i think you and your boyfriend should seek medical treatment and get your lifes on track and drop the drugs

  8. Dherbs says:

    There both bad, so why does it matter you got the same result.

  9. timothius b says:

    Break down each ingredient and see for yourself. Did you get any symptoms? Fever? Sweats? Temperature? Vomiting? Play doctor, your body WILL tell you if something is wrong. Take care

  10. Lone says:

    you’d be better off smoking real pot…all those ingredients are not meant to be burned & inhaled. Yuck!