238 Pound Marijuana Bust

Is this some kind of joke? Selling marijuana on the internet? Isn’t this illegal?
September 14, 2010
Marijuana proponents: Is it ethically ok to abuse to medicinal marijuana for recreational use?
September 14, 2010
InterviewTime asked:

Damn, this dude would’ve been one happy guy. I think he smoked it, in between selling it. Read Story – www.naplesnews.org


  1. AllTimeBestVids says:

    i liked the vid 5/5

  2. ElectronicBio says:

    @TheZenca really..?

  3. TheZenca says:

    OH NO! fuck i feel sorry for the dude.

  4. KymaniPuppy says:

    Wow, this guy was a genious..

  5. strykerpwn says:

    @ionsmartpart Or more, or, that was exactly how much there was, they took some, then said it was 238…HMMM!!

  6. ionsmartpart says:

    Ya, I doubt it was 238, probably less.

  7. Decentex says:

    @Documentable lol

  8. FrescoProductionz says:

    Lol, that driver must suck ass at need for speed.

  9. NatureAtTheBest says:

    @WeedLegalize Haha.

  10. WeedLegalize says:

    Just read my name, you’ll know my comment..

  11. sainktu says:

    lol whata dumbass

  12. xooz11 says:

    i kinda feel srry for the man

  13. DealerofCars says:

    That’s bullshit. He shoud’ve been able to keep all of his cannabis.

  14. Documentable says:


  15. TopHorde says:

    oh my gawd i would hate to be that guy.

  16. FijiRed says:

    Haha, Oh that would suck.