What do you think about legalizing medicinal marijuana?

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Medicinal Marijuana
Amy asked:

Do you think it should be allowed for terminally ill patients? In my state, we have voted for legislation allowing medicinal marijuana twice and somehow it keeps getting knocked down.

19 comments on “What do you think about legalizing medicinal marijuana?

  1. fiddlesticks9 on

    NO arbitrary bureacracy should be allowed to tell terminally ill people that they MUST suffer horrible pain until they DIE.
    What’s it to THEM anyway??
    Humanity is TERRIBLY stupid at times.

  2. aboukir200 on

    A lot of the proponents seem to push the medicinal angle just so they can stay stoned… You see them at NORML booths and they generally look like a bunch of aging burn-outs. As one myself, I know the signs…

  3. ~Bren~ on

    Marijuana should be legal in every state!! And it should be for all to enjoy terminal or not? 420!! :)~

  4. vickyarp54 on

    would be a lot less people smoking it, if it was legal.why cant they come up with a drug that has what ever pot does, that messes you up.

  5. wookiegirl84 on

    I believe it’s a bad idea. If medicinal marijuana gets legalized there will be people who will abuse the drug and try to get this way.

  6. Sassy on

    They already do have a drug called Marinol that comes from the plant. I don’t think it would be as big a problem if it was regulated properly.

  7. alieneddiexxx on

    Pretty silly that alcohol and tobacco are but weed isn’t. Efforts and resources could be better used elsewhere.

  8. Sanitizer on

    It positively, absolutely, should be legalized under those circumstances. If anyone was ever a witness to someone suffering a terminal illness, they realize anything that helps is worthy. Alleviate suffering pure and simple by any means available.

  9. Rod B on

    yes. If you started to look at all the other medicines that are available and made them ilegal because “some people” may abuse them, you would be left with a very sorry health system. Who is government to decide that a person in pain, at the end of his/her life cannot get the relief his/her doctor can prescribe? What arrogance of some to make this decision for the sick — it could be them in the near future.

  10. MojoMan on


    My Grandfather died from cancer back in 1976 was using it then. It was the only thing that would give him an appetite and take away some of the pain, and he was just using it to make tea with it.

  11. angeloffaith777 on

    i think that if terminally ill, possibly yes, that would be okay. not positive though. i haven’t researched the stuff or how addicting it is. some people probably could handle it. now me, after one hit i’d be addicted since i’m so small and stuff for my age.

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