Found Marijuana growing?

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September 23, 2010
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September 23, 2010
Marijuana Growing
Jeff asked:

My “friend” found marijuana growing in a pretty secluded spot near a river. The only reason he found it was cause he had a few plants of his own out there and when he went to water them, the pots were all gone. He decided to look around and found 6 plants about 2-3 weeks old. So should he wait till they are ready to harvest because his were stolen most likely by the same person, or should he let it go and find another spot to grow?

I don’t want any judgment answers, its legal where i live so try to actually answer the question. Thanks!


  1. Tootie11 says:

    Let it go or as they say “peace out, man”. Chances are if you wait for those to harvest they will be gone tool. Definitely find another spot.

  2. livewire says:

    dig up the other plants and put them somewhere only you can find

  3. primalclaws1974 says:

    I’d really like to know where in the world it’s legal to grow them. And if it was, why’s he planting it away from his own home where it could get stolen?
    To answer, find a new spot.

  4. Shirotae says:

    I reckon he’s better off finding another secluded spot to grow them where nobody can find them.