6700 lb marijuana bust indiana tennessee grow cave operation

Conspiracy Talk – Episode XI
September 23, 2010
What do you think about legalizing medicinal marijuana?
September 23, 2010
1monk910 asked:

In March 2008 6700 pounds of Weed were confiscated from a home in Harlan Indiana. Almost every room was full including basement to bedrooms and living room. Tennessee Grow Cave….Multi-Million dollar operation out of a cave


  1. YourSpecialFails says:

    hahah at 0:58 hes like yeah nigga, put dis break inda safe and save that shit for friday. hhaha oh shit, im hungry. PeAcE 🙂

  2. OBEYtheMUSIKK says:

    @LegalizeDaPlant haha how are you going to get all the stoners together if we are all stoners to begin with? haha i like the idea tho.

  3. krammy11 says:

    Military burnt an entire hectare of Marijuana in Philippines… North of Manila. People says addicts just stand there for hours lol.

  4. quinnryan45 says:

    FUCK THE POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. smkngGREENasAreligon says:

    holy fuck this video gave me a boner

  6. a10fjet says:

    The only thing i hate about this is that you know the profits are going to fund fucking gang wars. That saddens me :/

  7. antiflag1055 says:

    @ChiefDoubt I’d like you to show me otherwise.

  8. ChiefDoubt says:

    @antiflag1055 fire is a natural element? really? your dumb

  9. smokeadutchaday says:

    @Thisguy4188 let the kid dream dickhead.

  10. alexdahley11 says:

    that would last me a week

  11. ooboodylan says:

    @Thisguy4188 sounds like someone needs a joint.

  12. NthLitesXOGFire says:

    I’d smoke all of that, then smoke all that the cops took, then smoke the stems and seeds laying around (I’m so fucked it doesn’t even matter)

    Haha I’ve got myself my own grow, just for me and my girl, I grow N. Lights, OG Fire, Bubba Kush, and Grandaddy Purp, and some AFGOO if i can

  13. Thisguy4188 says:

    You’re stupid. The town or whatever police force you would work for would definitely drug test you. Also someone would be bound to turn you in if you tried to do this.
    So all in all, stupidest idea I’ve ever heard.

  14. ooboodylan says:

    i wanna be a cop….itd be so chill. id let people get away with weed if and only if they let me smoke with them and if i was ever called on a drug bust, i’d take so much of it…..see? what’s so bad about bein a cop?

  15. gravew0lf says:

    if i was a cop and saw this. id definetly take at least a couple of em.

  16. deewoken1 says:

    so its a Plant it will regrow endless supply what a waste of time. Look I burnt off oxygen!!!

  17. JnagTheGreat says:

    Go big or go home ya dig?

  18. 963963951963 says:

    im fucking high lol

  19. odinator411 says:

    fuck de police

  20. crkush23 says:

    like this if you love weed

  21. yungrippHRK says:

    @LegalizeDaPlant hell yea… too many of us for them to try to stop us, lets riot

  22. mrchakabot says:

    wow washing all those hydroton balls must have been a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. popopopopopo8 says: