Why is there so much support for legalizing marijuana?

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? asked:

I can bet all non-smokers are against it and stoners just want to get high legally. So then why isn’t this issue treated like the joke it is?

4 comments on “Why is there so much support for legalizing marijuana?

  1. itsgallus on

    You would lose that bet. You might have a hard time finding a stoner who wants it to remain illegal, but there are many who are in support of decriminalizing it who are non-smokers.

  2. TruthB on

    It is no joke. Stop labeling people as stoners. The support is because marijuana was wrongfully placed in a prohibition and unlike alcohol it was never revoked. People’s rights are taken away everyday. Like not having smokers lounges inside an airport, taking away the right to have 2 beers and a blood alcohol content of .05 (dwai), not allowing a restaurant / bar to have a ventilation system so they can allowing smoking if they decide, etc.

  3. Julia S on

    I don’t think the issue is a joke at all. I’m a non-smoker and I’m in support of legalization. Legalizing marijuana, so long as it was a controlled substance (like tobacco or alcohol), would be a great economic decision. In addition to freeing up valuable resources in law enforcement (time, money, jail space, upkeep of inmates), the tax revenue it could generate could certainly benefit society, especially given our current circumstances.

    I do agree with you that some smokers probably just want to get high legally, but I really think you need to consider the other parts of the issue. Legalizing the stuff would be beneficial so long as it wasn’t a free-for-all. (I do think it is ridiculous to believe that it would be given the existence of similar restrictions regarding other substances.)

    Restrictions that I can think of are as follows:
    – Minimum age of consumption at either 18 or 21.
    – Producers and vendors must have a license and follow all regulations, or face fines, loss of license, or perhaps criminal charges (in extreme cases).
    – Limits as to where you can consume it, as well as who can have access to these locations (just as minors are not allowed in bars).
    – No driving under the influence.
    – A multiplier for crimes committed under the influence.
    – Companies and schools are allowed to set and enforce rules regarding the consumption of the drug for their employees. (If you show up intoxicated, you can lose your job.)
    – A surgeon general’s warning regarding the dangers of smoking.
    – Limits on how it is advertised and to whom.

    You don’t have to use something or support its use to see how you could exploit its use to benefit society.

  4. Tupperware Party on

    I don’t smoke, and never will.

    I am smart enought to know that restrictions placed on my neighbor (and his non-violent, victimless actions) are a precedent for restrictions on ME.

    A threat to my neighbor’s liberty is a threat to MY liberty.

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