where can i find some marijuana growing naturally outside?

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September 2, 2010
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September 2, 2010
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Moe J asked:

tell me some place that is in north america please


  1. gaijin says:

    Most wild weed isn’t worth the trouble.It’s hemp left over from back in the day when it was grown to make things.Any good weed you find is usually guarded D .Wild weed can be found in the central states like Kansas,Missouri,Idaho and so on.Good luck.

  2. allanvangundy2 says:

    mexico- do you really suspect an address?

  3. Uncle Dud says:

    It grows pretty heavy where the Mississippi meets the Ohio River. Some of the swamps around there are full of it.

  4. hipp5 says:

    While it can be found wild (it’s called weed for a reason) it’s probably not worth it. The stuff you’ll find in the wild is nothing like the super-hopped-up chemicals-added stuff you’d go out and buy. It’s like the difference between strawberries from the store and those tiny little wild strawberries you find in fields.