Is growing your own marijuana a form of civil disobedience?

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Marijuana Growing
Yakov Smirnov asked:

and do you approve or disapprove? I’m gonna do my own thing anyway, I was just curious.

12 comments on “Is growing your own marijuana a form of civil disobedience?

  1. |Gordon| |Freeman| on

    Yes, victimless crime i honestly do not care.

    We all enjoy poison if it does not kill us fireball what do you think any sedative is? FUN FACT: there is little difference in Morphine and Opium.

  2. richard m on

    personally i don’t see it as civil disobedience-thats more like incitement, rioting etc. Growing marijuana is just illegal in most countries. i disapprove strongly when interfering busybodies (the police)ruin peoples hard work by confiscating plants, i tend to use various outdoor locations in addition to a small indoor set up for winter

  3. Nolan Void on

    as long as you dont smoke sell or use it for anything but making hemp clothes….no problem, otherwise its a form of stupidity. which is a victim oriented crime

  4. ʄaçade on

    It is more in the order of a civil duty and responsibility, in that the harvest can be used for fabric, fuel, and like. It is also your civic duty to vote to make sure that such actions are not illegal. We should also pass laws to imprison those who have passed bad laws in the past. It is our duty to society.

  5. Barrel Bottom on

    It would only be considered a form of civil disobedience if you grew it in full sight and knowledge of the authorities with the intention of being arrested and forcing the criminal system to re examine how it deals with you. This might not be a sound tactic if you were to do this yourself, as it has been done many times before. However if you could convince half the population of California to grow pot in their back yard and notify the authorities, they might have to reconsider the cost of incarcerating a few million people.

    The cost of feeding 12 million people with munchies could be staggering.

  6. Liz on

    Yeah, I guess, but it isn’t a bold statement at this point. The battle over hearts and minds has long been won. something like 75% of the voting public either approve of, or don;t give two $#its either way for, the legalization (not decriminalization, but actual go ahead and buy it at the corner store legal) of recreational marijuana.

    In California, We have gone all the way with “medical” pot, and are tossing around the idea of just opening the flood gates and taxing the water. Right now, I can take a peice of paper, and go to a club and buy a quarter ounce of pot, take it out to the Venice boardwalk, roll it up and puff away. Technically this is NOT LEGAL, but the police don’t even bother to look for where the scent is coming from anymore… because it’s coming from friggin everywhere, and they smoke the stuff too. It’s like a Dead show on Saturday evening out there.

    It’s only a matter of time before it won’t be an act of disobedience at all, civil or otherwise. As for growing, The advantages are multiple, you can control exactly what goes in to it. You know about things like pesticides and growth hormones.. The disadvantages, are “Possession and manufacture with intent to distribute.” which is NOT WORTH the risk right now… Just go buy an ounce from time to time from your hippy friend until about 2013. Then you’ll be able to go to the store, or grow a whole field of it if you want.

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