should marijuana be legalized?

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Julee. asked:

i want to see your answers….

all i am gonna say about it is that most of the beliefs people have about marijuana and its smokers are false. for the most part, people dont smoke it as much as they smoke cigarettes are even drink. for those that do, they have addiction problems. however you can have addiction problems with anything. would you say its worse to smoke a joint everyday or get completely smashed everyday? the gateway drug this is a complete joke.. read it for yourself on wikipedia, “Since the 1950’s some have believed [15] that cannabis is a “gateway drug,” a drug that leads its users to other drugs such as cocaine or heroin. There have been many studies conducted on this subject recently. These studies have found the assertion to be false.[16]”. Smoking it occasionally DOES NOT mess up your life. its insane. Become addicted to sleeping pills, or vodka, that’ll fuck up your life, but not weed. Being high isn’t even that serious. Most people can’t tell when im even high.

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  1. Tom A on

    Yes, if people want to smoke marijuana, then who the hell has the right to stop them? Everyone should be totally free to do whatever they want, provided their actions do not infringe upon the rights and freedoms of others. If i want to smoke marijuana in my own house, why shouldn’t I?

    It’s probably only illegal because anyone can grow it, and therefore, no capitalist extortionist could make a profit out of it.

  2. darkemoregan on

    Only for medical purposes not rec use.

    This “harmless plant” destroyed my marriage and is destroying my friend’s marriage because our significant others would rather smoke this “non-addictive plant” than pay the bills when we were on deployment.

    I had a girlfriend that killed herself after smoking this “harmless plant”.

    A friend of mine committed suicide because he couldn’t get his parents to bring him his stash of this “harmless plant”.

    My brother spent half of his life in prison because of acts he committed in order to get this “harmless plant.”

    My cousin lost custody of her child because she was more concerned about getting this “harmless plant” than she was about her own daughter.

    My older brother admitted that his heroin addiction started because he was no longer getting the same high he got the first time he used this “harmless plant.”

    I can keep going on and on, but I’m depressing myself.

    And if you don’t like what I’m saying, than that’s your problem. I’m just cutting through the b.s. and telling you how it is. And if you have a problem with reality, then that is your problem and I suggest you get help for it.

    The ONLY good thing I saw was when my friend was undergoing chemo for leukemia.

    To Bob r. I am in no way making any of this up. People want examples. I can sit here and say that marijuana is bad., but without examples, no one can take you seriously. I gave examples of how this “harmless Plant” is anything but harmless. If you can’t accept that, then go f u c k yourself.

  3. T P on

    Marijuana is a stepping stone. People that smoke cigarettes do not have to get a better high, they just smoke more cigarettes. People that drink just have more to drink. But when you screw with your mind getting high the high does not last as long as it did last time so you smoke a little more weed, then that weed no longer does the trick so you snort a little coke, then drop a little acid or shoot a little heroin…hey maybe just try a little home made meth and get really hooked…

    Drugs make monsters. Yeah, alcohol makes a mighty nasty person but it’s legal. Drugs are an artificial way to enjoy yourself. I would hate to be at a party and my boyfriend smoked some weed, kinda make me feel as if I was boring to him to the point he has to have an artificial “GOOD” time because I sure as heck ain’t giving him one.

  4. Rodney M on

    of course any logical thinking person will say legalise marijuana. ther are so many pro’s for the gov. to legalise it to mention here. basically the people who are against it will expose thier ignorance on the subject while they smoke a cigarette & drink gin & thier wife is zonked out on sleeping pills.
    if my history recollection is accurate the reason pot was criminalised in america was that hemp was gaining a stronghold over cotton as the preferred fibre for clothing & other products. the person (i could look up the name but you could do that to) who had a monopoly in cotton had just invested heavily in the cotton gin & saw his stranglehold on the industry failing. using his connections in government he persuaded misguided leaders into banning all hemp related products & started a propagandist scare campaign ( reefer madness is the funniest load of tripe) to rid marijuana use & ensure his business’ success.
    so actually the real reason marijuana was banned was based on one mans greed.

  5. bob r on

    just a couple of things,,, firstly darkmore i dont know why you try to go so overboard on your answer. you sound just like the nut everyone made fun of in the message boards who made the same BS claims. instead of scaring people all you have done is made a laughing stock of yourself with absolute lies. you have no proof & no argument so your answer is dismissed as BS.
    next, TP, if you havent noticed, alcohol & cigarettes are drugs. may i suggest you do some research first before making a fool of yourself with statements that have been proven otherwise. think with your mind not you heart & next time you may come up with an argument that may hold water. everything you have claimed has actually been proven to be fasle.

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