I need advice about a girl that i love very much?

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tim_wawrowski asked:

Ok, i was in the Disney college program at walt disney world, its where you go and work there. And i was working in outdoor foods, now that is a job that gets many foreign people. And i met a girl named Ami and she is from Chetumal,Mexico. Now while I was there I really started to fall in love with her. I really love her but I never told her, well as my luck usually is,I got caught with marijuana and I was kicked out of the college program.Now I never got to tell her goodbye.I went back down to florida in july to see her before she went back to mexico. Now i actually was planning on asking her to just marry me so that she wouldnt go.But again as my luck usually is, she found out that i knew her best friend was cheated on, and that made her mad at me. Now I still love her and I really would like to tell her but I do not know if I should.She is planning on moving to europe and that would mean I will never see her again. Should I stop her from going, and tell her how i feel, or let her go


  1. aunt_webby says:

    just tell her …………….

  2. sashtou says:

    How the hell do you propose to ‘stop her going’ then?

    If you feel what you say that you feel, then I figure she has a right to know and to make up her own mind, decided on her own choices.

    [ I really am curious as to just how old you are (both) ]


  3. AMBER_LYNN_13 says:

    Tell her. She is leaving anyway, so what do you have to lose.

  4. nominerdene2004 says:

    You should go and talk to her. Hang out for a day and then at the end, tell her how you feel. Then SHE will decide of she wants to stay with you or go to Europe.

  5. valisme says:

    Oh, man…. You’re all over the map, literally!! I think you should relax, grow up, and figure out your own mess before you go trying to suck a woman into your soap opera life!!

  6. Beakin says:

    Man, you’ve got to turn your life around first before you start thinking about love and marriage. How long have you actually seen or known the girl? You have to stop the drugs, get back on track, then maybe you can think about falling in love with someone. And don’t just marry someone for the sake of it, you have to be prepared.

  7. thorink3 says:

    Tell her how you feel, give something so she could conctact you, and then…… let everything fall in place.

  8. Caleb K says:

    Dude If You Let Her Go You will Be Heart Broken For The Rest Of Your Life But If You Tell Her How you Feel For Her Then Maybe Just Maybe She Will Say Yes To You And Stay

  9. newlymarriedwoman says:

    Tell her how you feel because you may never get the opportunity to do so. You may never know if you don’t tell.

    If she has any feelings for you she will stay? If not you well at least know you did everything you possibly could and there will be no REGRETS a few years down the road.

    TRUST me you don’t want to go down this road.

  10. Bloodbrat says:

    Tell her, dude. You can’t pass up something like that. Depending on how she feels will make her stay or go. You’d have to work out the details with her but you should definately speak up. How do you know she doesn’t feel the same?

  11. lucy m says:

    If you don’t tell her you may regret it for the rest of your life. If you tell her and she rejects you then at least you will have an answer and will be able to move on with your life. But then again she might feel the same about you! You will never know unless you ask her.

  12. smelly pig says:

    tell her your feelings for her that everyone on Earth makes mistakes even the Church besides being rejected find another woman she’s out their somewhere

  13. vanessaskiss says:


  14. .oneX. says:

    well i mean i think you should at least try..its better to try than to not try..what if you tell her and she feels the same..or i what if she doesnt..at least you know the truth and you dont have to spend your time wondering what could have happened

  15. ~I'm not weird~ says:

    Tell her everything, dude. Spill your soul out to this girl, you love her, you need her, but in the end, she might not love you. Just be honest with yourself, and with her, and if it’s meant to be, everything will work out. I do reccomend flowers, though, I know it’s that lovey dovey stuff, but I love getting flowers. And look, I have a loving BF who gave me some sunflowers.

  16. confusion724 says:

    dude just tell her, if you don’t you’ll live your life regretting that you didn’t tell her for the rest of your life.

  17. Aurora says:

    First offf this is what drugs get u and lies and deceit not luck.
    you shouldnt hold her back she needs to do whatever she wants and she obviously doesnt share your feelings. srry im being harsh, you should tell her how you feel but dont rush nto marriage, be practical because she is going back to mexico and then on to europe and her plans probably wont change that easy.

  18. Kandee C. says:

    If you really love her tell her how you feel!!! DON”T LET HER GO!! If you never tell her how you feel you will wonder what could have happened between u 2 all your life. Plus if you say you really love her she could end up being the person u grow old with! My advice is find her and tell her how u feel!!

  19. CAsoccergrl says:

    Stop her and tell her!!! Take a chance!!! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!!! If u never tell her, u will live in agony 4 the rest of ur life, and u will always wonder what would have happened if u would have stopped her… Tell her how u feel, but first tell her that u r sorry (in case she’s still mad)… God Bless!!! Oh, and NEVER EVER smoke EVER again!!! Don’t drink, and don’t do drugs!!! They r so useless… Hope this helps!

  20. Ace B says:

    yeah tell her what you feel.

  21. sunoverla says:

    I wouldn’t jump so fast and ask her to marry you just yet…
    You should first try to arrange a time when you’ll openly express your love to her and then wait. See what she says.
    Be patient. If she moves away after that then it wasn’t meant to be but at least you let her know your true feelings.
    There is such a thing as airplanes that could eventually bring you back together…if it was meant to be right?
    Let her hear how you feel but don’t pressure her…let her be the one to make the next move after that, ok?

  22. sprinklz says:

    If this girl is the love of your life and you are sure that keeping her with you is better then her going to europe then you would be stupid not to tell her how you feel, you will regret not telling her. So tell her !!!!!!!!!!! And if it doesnt work out then at least you tried you should never give up on love. And if your serious about this girl you should stay away from things that get you in trouble like drugs thats a turn off. good luck!