Indoor Marijuana Closet Grow Op. Update – 9-18-10


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growingclosets asked:

Visit: for more information… Just a quick update to show the progress of the grow and answer some questions people had… Where I Buy Seeds… http

12 comments on “Indoor Marijuana Closet Grow Op. Update – 9-18-10

  1. cmpkilyrslf on

    dude thank u so much for listening to my question i just posted a vid and gave a little update u can kinda see what im running but kinda not . as i said TY so much for showing me your nuets . this is the line that i will prolly start useing i was useing MG lol i know i know . but yea as of right now im just useing gordens jump shot to push thur the next 3 . once this grow is done im startin gout right TY again

  2. growingclosets on

    @princecorey2k9 they are the ones at the bottom getting zero light which causes them to be yellow… if they yellow too much they will wilt as well and fall off or be easily pulled off… but for the most part leave all that bottom stuff on the plant to make hash with at harvest…

  3. Bauks420 on

    Can’t wait to see the LA Woman All Done Up

    Lucas Formula
    G-M-B (Grow-Micro-Bloom)
    0-5-10 – For Vegetative cycle (18/6)
    0-8-16 – For Flowering cycle (12/12)
    The numbers above indicate the number of milliliters (ml) of Flora Grow, Micro or Bloom formulas that I use in one gallon of nutrients.
    You will notice I dont use any of the Flora Grow formula, do not need to, the Flora “Micro” provides plenty of Nitrogen.

  4. Bauks420 on

    I love my SLH Plants there so good to me …you could Use the Lucas Formula With Those Nutes and cut out the Grow Altogether save some money 🙂

    ISO hash takes a bit of trial and error you probably didn’t let it evaporate thoroughly enough (heat and stir ) or got to much chlorophyll in it (hence the icky taste) fave is scissor hash

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