What is the difference between medicinal and regular marijuana?

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Medicinal Marijuana
Keegzz asked:

is medicinal marijuana legal in canada?
Is it as unhealthy as regular marijuana?

5 comments on “What is the difference between medicinal and regular marijuana?

  1. brieisaninja on

    I could be totally wrong but from what I understand it’s the same thing except they call it medical marijuana when it’s proscribed by a doctor and is then as a result legal for the person with the prescription.

    It’s usually prescribed for glycoma. And you’d have to check on some canadian medicine site to see if it is.

  2. metcalfmaintenance1 on

    It’s just as unhealthy and simply comes down to a doctor ‘s prescription to accomodate the legal issue.

  3. Un K on

    The quality of medical marijuana is guaranteed to be pure and pretty high whereas the quality of the product you receive from your friends or local dealer is subject to many factors (age, mixing it with other drugs, etc).

    I am not sure if it is legal in Canada – sorry.

    Medicinal marijuana is not mixed with other products (to the best of my knowledge). It is just guaranteed to be pure quality so I would say it probably better than anything you’re getting locally.

  4. Moneybagss on

    Yes it is legal in Canada, but remember you need a doctors prescription. Although, even with regular recreational use, most cops will simply take it away and tell you not to do it again. If you vaporize it, there will be less damage. Other than that, smoking marijuana is smoking marijuana

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