Mexico Marijuana Bust Drug Raid Nets 105 Tons Of Dope After Gang Shoot-Out


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More than 100 tons of marijuana bound for the US has been seized in Mexico in the country’s biggest drug bust in years. Security forces launched a pre-dawn raid at three properties in the border city of Tijuana, where they found some 10000 sealed packages of dope. Army General Alfonso Duarte later told reporters the weed had an estimated street value in Mexico of 4.2bn pesos – about £214m. “Three operations took place simultaneously co-ordinating municipal, state, federal and army authorities,” he said. “Approximately 105 tons (was found). We think this equals the amount we seized in the last 10 months.” Figures show Mexican police have bagged some 130 tons of marijuana over the past three years across the entire state of Baja California, where Tijuana is found. The huge bust came after local police were involved in a shoot-out with gunmen riding a convoy of seven vehicles. The seized packages were marked with images including Homer Simpson State officers and the army sent reinforcements to the scene and helped to out-muscle the gang. Eleven men were arrested and a load of marijuana was found in some of the vehicles, apparently prompting confessions from the detainees. Security forces were then pointed to more of the illegal substance at a local ranch, a home and an apartment. General Duarte said the blocks of dope had been wrapped in different colours and labelled with apparently coded phrases – some were even stamped with pictures that included TV character Homer

6 comments on “Mexico Marijuana Bust Drug Raid Nets 105 Tons Of Dope After Gang Shoot-Out

  1. drbiomed1 on

    According to the US Census Bureau, Marijuana makes up 94% volume of total drug seizures (for 2008) while Methamphetamine is only 0.23%. YES on PROP19!

    Federal Drug Seizures by Type of Drug for 2008 are as follows:
    Total All Drugs ____3,505,091 lbs 100.0%
    Marijuana ________3,293,736 lbs 94.0%
    Cocaine ___________199,463 lbs 5.7%
    Methamphetamine ____ 8,163 lbs 0.2%
    Heroin ______________ 3,729 lbs 0.1%

  2. nessto71 on

    beware americans i knew that some mexican cartels are making negotiaions with some members of bin laden they will use the drugs as biological weapons in to usa trough mexico enter year 2011

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